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May 30th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
न कश्चिदपि जानाति किं कस्य श्वो भविष्यति
अतः श्वः करणीयानि कुर्यादद्यैव बुद्धिमान्

na kashchidapi jaanaati kiM kasya shvo bhaviShyati
ataH shvaH karaNIyaani kuryaadadyaiva buddhimaan

Meaning of the subhAShita:
No one knows what happens to whom tomorrow. Hence, the intelligent do tomorrow's work right now!

This job should be done 'now', but, will do it later. When that 'later' comes, there will be a job assigned for that 'later', but the 'now' job is still pending. So, start working on the 'now' job. Something comes up in between that needs immediate attention. The 'now' job needs more time as well, so the 'later' job is pushed 'further later'. Then something else interesting comes up... When that 'further later comes', the 'now' job is still not done, the 'later' job is pending and so is the 'further later' job... So on and so forth..... This will turn into a vicious cycle and a constant battle against the clock! There is no peace of mind, not to speak of the productivity and quality of work on top of all these.

The wise understand this very basic concept and never get themselves entrapped in such a situation. There can be innumerous unforeseen circumstances in the day to day lives. No one can predict what is in store for tomorrow. Hence, the wise keep themselves ahead. They do tomorrow's job today and today's job right now! Isn't that why they are called WISE :-).

Be wise. Do not procrastinate!

pada vigrahaH:
न कश्चित् अपि जानाति किं कस्य श्वः भविष्यति
na kashchit api jaanaati kiM kasya shvaH bhaviShyati

अतः श्वः करणीयानि कुर्यात् अद्य एव बुद्धिमान्
ataH shvaH karaNIyaani kuryaat adya eva buddhimaan

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