May 15th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
यन्मातापितरौ वृत्तं तनये कुरुतः सदा |
न सुप्रतिकारं तत्तु मात्रा पित्रा च यत्कृतम् ||
- रामायण, अयोध्याकाण्ड

yanmaataapitarau vRuttaM tanaye kurutaH sadaa |
na supratikaaraM tattu maatraa pitraa cha yatkRutam ||
- raamaayaNa, ayodhyaakaaNDa

Meaning of the subhAShita:
The deeds done by mother and father for their children constantly..., there is no requital to these actions performed by the parents.

Parents work tirelessly for the welfare of their children. From the moment they become aware of their status as parents, they constantly think of nothing else but the well being of their child/children. Both the mother and father work in their own arenas, to make the child as good an individual as they possibly can. Every parent wants their children to be better than them. Infact they rejoice when their offspring surpass them in their achievements.

There is nothing in this world, one can give to his parents, in order to make up for their efforts. No amount of wealth or money can outweigh their dedication towards their children. The one meager effort one can do is, he can try and emulate all the values his parents tried to imbibe in him. Children living worthy lives, is what makes parents happiest.

Like they say, to understand a parents' love, one must raise children himself. Then it becomes evident to him - there is no retribution to it!

pada vigrahaH:
यत् मातापितरौ वृत्तं तनये कुरुतः सदा |
yat maataapitarau vRuttaM tanaye kurutaH sadaa |

न सुप्रतिकारं तत्तु मात्रा पित्रा च यत्कृतम् ||
na supratikaaraM tattu maatraa pitraa cha yatkRutam ||

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  1. There is a nice poem in Marathi, which expresses similar emotions.

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