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May 20th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
चराणामन्नमचराः दंष्ट्रिणामप्यदंष्ट्रिणः
अहस्ताश्च सहस्तानां शूराणां चैव भीरवः

- मनुस्मृति

charaaNaamannamacharaaH daMShTriNaamapyadaMShTriNaH
ahastaashcha sahastaanaaM shUraaNaaM chaiva bhIravaH
- manusmRuti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Food for the mobile (deer, etc) are the immobile (grass, etc); for a predator (with sharp teeth, like lion, tiger, etc) are those without sharp teeth (deer, etc); hand less (fruit, vegetables) for those with hands (humans) and for the brave, it is the coward.

The deer are very much mobile, but they eat grass which is immobile. Carnivores who have sharp teeth eat the deer which do not have sharp teeth. Humans have hands and their food are the fruit and vegetable, which do not have hands... Similarly, the brave have the courage and their food are those that do not have courage!

Isn't this a natural progression, a law of nature. Just as we accept the first three scenarios as laws of nature, so is the fourth! If one doesn't want to offer himself as food for the braver ones, he has only one choice - to embrace courage himself! There is no other way. A tiger will never attack another tiger. A deer will never eat another deer. People are supposed to eat vegetarian. (That is a different topic altogether.) Even if they are eating meat today, it is because they have attained more power in their hands (in the form of ammunition). They are able to eat other animals too, only because they have conquered their fear over the animal.

Hence, if being harassed or bullied by the stronger, do not sympathize with yourself. You are not a victim of the bullier, but a victim of your own cowardice! Stand up and speak up for yourself! No one else will do it for you. The minute you stand up for yourself, everyone giving a hard time, will back off. They have no other choice. It's a law of nature :-).

Do not be a coward and become food for the brave!

pada vigrahaH:
चराणाम् अन्नम् अचराः दंष्ट्रिणाम् अपि अदंष्ट्रिणः
charaaNaam annam acharaaH daMShTriNaam api adaMShTriNaH

अहस्ताः च सहस्तानां शूराणां च एव भीरवः
ahastaaH cha sahastaanaaM shUraaNaaM cha eva bhIravaH

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