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May 27th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
सुभाषितमयं द्रव्यं सङ्ग्रही न भवेन्नरः
स वाक्प्रस्तावयज्ञेषु कां प्रदास्यति दक्षिणाम्

subhaaShitamayaM dravyaM sa~ngrahI na bhavennaraH
sa vaakprastaavayaj~neShu kaaM pradaasyati dakShiNaam

Meaning of the subhAShita:
If in case, one doesn't collect wealth in the form of 'subhaaShitaa's, what will he offer as 'dakshiNaa' (offering with salutation), when a sacrifice (yagna) in the form of verbal discussions happens?

The very definition of a 'subhaaShita' is, 'well said', refined sayings'. They carry in them, the essence of years of experience and eons of observations. They are offered to mankind in small, easily digestible capsule forms. The call here is, for one and all, to accumulate wealth in the form of 'subhaaShitaas'. Accumulating doesn’t mean only writing it down in a book or owning a book of subhaaShitaas! It is essentially a call for people to learn, apply and practice the values in them.

When a yagna (sacrificial ritual) is undertaken, ghee, obtained from buttercream, is offered. Extending the same analogy, when a verbal discussion amidst intellectuals is taking place, he has to offer the cream of words. That is stored in the subhaaShitaas! Hence, one has to accrue subhaaShitaas, so he has the best to offer during intellectual conversations.

It is a good thing for a person to read a book of quotations, said someone. A book of subhaaShitaas is a treasure house of quotations and beneficial maxims. So, acquire the habit (wealth) of subhaaShitaas.

pada vigrahaH:
सुभाषितमयं द्रव्यं सङ्ग्रही न भवेत् नरः
subhaaShitamayaM dravyaM sa~ngrahI na bhavet naraH

सः वाक् प्रस्ताव यज्ञेषु कां प्रदास्यति दक्षिणाम्
saH vaak prastaava yaj~neShu kaaM pradaasyati dakShiNaam

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