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May 19th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
अकारणं रूपमकारणं कुलम्
महत्सु नीचेषु च कर्मैव शोभते

- पञ्चरात्र

akaaraNaM rUpamakaaraNaM kulam
mahatsu nIcheShu cha karmaiva shobhate
- pa~ncharaatra

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Beauty is of no bearing, lineage is non-instrumental. Be it the mighty or the insignificant, their deeds are that which shine.

Beauty is only skin deep. Lineage or family background can have a say only so far... Beauty, he is born with, it is God-given. Whether one is good looking or not, he did not have much choice about his looks. Lineage too was not chosen by him. That was destiny at work! When these aspects were beyond one's control, how can he expect to reap benefits based on that!!

What is in one's own hands, are his actions. His deeds speak volumes about his character. He voices his opinions and choices through his actions. That is what makes him either better or inferior to his fellow beings? That is what makes him shine or lose lustre. That is what differentiates him either as noble or insignificant.

A man becomes great by deeds, not birth. A good deed is never lost!

pada vigrahaH:
अकारणं रूपम् अकारणं कुलम्
akaaraNaM rUpam akaaraNaM kulam

महत्सु नीचेषु च कर्म एव शोभते
mahatsu nIcheShu cha karma eva shobhate

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