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May 10th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
स्वयं पञ्चमुखः पुत्रौ गजाननषडाननौ
दिगम्बरः कथं जीवेत् अन्नपूर्णा न चेद्गृहे

svayaM pa~nchamukhaH putrau gajaananaShaDaananau
digambaraH kathaM jIvet annapUrNaa na chedgRuhe

Meaning of the subhAShita:
He himself has 5 faces, children are 'elephant faced' (gajaanana - gaNesha) and '6 faced' (ShaDaanana - ShaNmukha). How would Lord shiva survive if mother annapUrNaa was not at home?

This is a not only a beautiful and humorous verse, but it upholds and epitomizes the role of a mother in the family!

Lord shiva has 5 faces himself. Among the 2 sons he has, one is elephant faced and the other has 6 faces! Just imagine a dad feeding all these many mouths! The poet says, it is not possible for a dad, even if he is a God :-) Such is the role of a mother! She is the 'one & only 'and is hence irreplaceable!! She toils tirelessly day in and day out, putting her likes and dislikes aside, setting her family as her highest priority. Whether she gets any credit or not, she does her duties constantly. The only remuneration she expects is, for her family to fare well! Her dedication and sincerity towards her family is unmatched. No words are enough to say about her semblance and presence, in making a home.

Mothers hold the hands of their children for a short time, but their hearts forever!

The sweetest sounds to mortals given, are heard in mother, home and heaven!

Heart felt thanks and hats off to all the hard-working mothers, not just on one day, but through out the year, for eons to come!

P.S.: (According to one tradition, it conceives shiva as Ishaana (or as panchavaktramatrinetram), that is, shiva combines in him tatpuruSha, vaamadeva, aghora, sadyojaata and Ishaana, representing respectively wind, water, fire, creative function and space. Thus again shiva's five heads manifest the five cosmic elements and functions.)

pada vigrahaH:
स्वयं पञ्चमुखः पुत्रौ गजानन-षडाननौ
svayaM pa~nchamukhaH putrau gajaanana-ShaDaananau

दिगम्बरः कथं जीवेत् अन्नपूर्णा न चेत् गृहे
digambaraH kathaM jIvet annapUrNaa na chet gRuhe


  1. namaste

    Good posting for Mother's day.
    Also shouldn't it be पुत्रौ गजाननषडाननौ ?


  2. Thanks Hari. That is a good catch. It is fixed now.