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May 1st

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
बालादपि ग्रहीतव्यं युक्तमुक्तं मनीषिभिः
रवेरविषये किं न प्रदीपस्य प्रकाशनम्
- हितोपदेश, सुहृद्भेद

baalaadapi grahItavyaM yuktamuktaM manIShibhiH
raveraviShaye kiM na pradIpasya prakaashanam
- hitopadesha, suhRudbheda

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Sensible words, if coming even from a child, should be received by the mankind. Doesn't a lamp illumine where the sun doesn't?

Sun might be the biggest source of light for the entire planet. But there are places where even He, can't reach. Think about the deepest valleys, the darkest caves, the thickest forests. These places may have never seen the faintest ray of sunlight ever. But a small lamp when taken there lights up the whole place! For that place, a lamp was much more appropriate than the big bright sun.  How about at night?  Sun can't reach the night to light up the room, but a little lamp can!

Same is the case with wise words. Sometimes, although it comes from the mouth of a child, they are worth a million. They speak with no malice and the purest of hearts. Life is very simple in their terminology. Hence, when adults complicate things, the children seem to speak more sensibly! At that time, one should not discount it just because of the fact that it came from a child. Wise words from any mouth or means are acceptable and respectable.

Every child is born a genius! Heed to their words sometimes.

pada vigrahaH:
बालात् अपि ग्रहीतव्यं युक्तम् उक्तं मनीषिभिः
baalaat api grahItavyaM yuktam uktaM manIShibhiH

रवेः अविषये किं न प्रदीपस्य प्रकाशनम्
raveH aviShaye kiM na pradIpasya prakaashanam


  1. nikhita kashi [im a kid who's 8 yrs old]5/6/10, 6:20 PM

    I really like this blog. But a few of them are more for adults. :) I like the commentary and the meaning of the shloka.

  2. Excellent blog. Now that I have found it, I will come here regularly and five minutes spent here will refresh me for the day.

    Thanks for your effort.

  3. Thanks for your kind words. Glad you are enjoying it :).