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May 28th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
यदेवोपनतं दुःखात् सुखं तद्रसवत्तरम्
निर्वाणाय तरुच्छाया तप्‍तस्य हि विशेषतः

- विक्रमोर्वशीय

yadevopanataM duHkhaat sukhaM tadrasavattaram
nirvaaNaaya taruchChaayaa taptasya hi visheShataH
- vikramorvashIya

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Attaining pleasure after being befallen with pain, is more opulent. The shadow of a tree is more comforting to the one afflicted by the heat of the Sun.

What if a blind man suddenly got his sight?! How would a deaf person feel if he was able to hear?! Their joy would have no bounds!! Because they know how it feels not to have that particular faculty. When a normal person wakes up in the morning and sees the sun rising in the skies, he wouldn't celebrate it with the same intensity!

Hence, the poet says that pleasure is much more appealing to those that are crestfallen with sorrow. That pleasure is much more enjoyable and valuable to those that have actually missed it. For a poor man who has to slog to make ends meet every day, a meal is very satiating than to a person who rolls in wealth and nothing is beyond his reach.

Similarly, the shade of a tree is comforting to someone in the hot sun. Not that the shade is not comforting to others. But it is extra comforting to the one who is already scorched in the burning heat of the Sun.

Don't curse the pain (thank it instead)... When times change (it always does), it makes the pleasure, that much more pleasurable!

pada vigrahaH:
यत् एव उपनतं दुःखात् सुखं तत् रसवत्तरम्
yat eva upanataM duHkhaat sukhaM tat rasavattaram

निर्वाणाय तरोः छाया तप्‍तस्य हि विशेषतः
nirvaaNaaya taroH Chaayaa tap^tasya hi visheShataH

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