May 24th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
धन्या बधिरा अन्धास्स एव जीवन्ति मानुषे लोके
न शृण्वन्ति पिशुनजनं खलानाम् ऋद्धिं न प्रेक्षन्ते
- सप्‍तशती

dhanyaa badhiraa andhaassa eva jIvanti maanuShe loke
na shRuNvanti pishunajanaM khalaanaam RuddhiM na prekShante
- saptashatI

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Blessed are those people who live in this world as deaf and blind, for, they do not have to listen to malicious words of the slanderers or see the prosperity of the evil.

In today's world, where the rat race is on, everyone is scrambling to get somewhere or do something. It is generally seen that people are back biting, being peevish and speaking slanderous words. The poet opines that the deaf are blessed because, their shortcoming actually saves them some pain. They do not have to listen to such malicious words and fret about them, or think about devious plans to return another defaming word to the offender. They can keep their hearts and minds away from such things. Hence they are blessed.

Time and again, the evil are seen prospering, not in the direction they should be :(. The evil are seen growing and climbing up the ladders of prosperity, using unfair means. For those that are honest, times seem to keep going bad :(. The poet says that the blind are the happier lot as they do not have to see the sad sight where the evil is gaining prosperity.

Only thing worse than blindness is, having sight but no vision. Kindness is the language the deaf can hear and the blind can see! Adapt kindness.

pada vigrahaH:
धन्या बधिरा अन्धाः स एव जीवन्ति मानुषे लोके
dhanyaa badhiraa andhaaH sa eva jIvanti maanuShe loke

न शृण्वन्ति पिशुन जनं खलानाम् ऋद्धिं न प्रेक्षन्ते
na shRuNvanti pishuna janaM khalaanaam RuddhiM na prekShante

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