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February 7th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
निर्धनश्चापि कामार्थी दरिद्रः कलहप्रियः
मन्दशास्त्रो विवादार्थी त्रिविधं मूर्खलक्षणम्

- सुभाषितसुधानिधि

nirdhanashchaapi kaamaarthI daridraH kalahapriyaH
mandashaastro vivaadaarthI trividhaM mUrkhalakShaNam
- subhaaShitasudhaanidhi

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Penniless yet desirous; poor yet contentious; weak in knowledge yet seeking disputes - (these) three are the characteristics of the imbecile.

One should not stretch his wants and desires beyond his means. It will only get him in trouble. Desire is a strange thing. It will convince the mind into performing all kinds of unethical actions, in order to fulfil it. The wise are very aware of this fact. Only the foolish indulge in stretching beyond their means.

Contentious and quarrelsome attitudes are not appreciated in anyone. Especially of the poor. That will only draw unwanted attention and hinder other essential aspects. Only the silly engage in such actions.

In order to get into an argument, one should know what he is talking about. One needs to be knowledgeable to understand if there is validity to his argument. Without having the required acumen, if one enters into arguments, there is no point. The wise do not involve themselves in such situations. Only the imbecile do that.

Hence, the above 3 characteristics do not suite the wise. It is a screaming indication of foolishness to engage in any of the above three.

It is up to us now, whether we want to be wise or foolish!

pada vigrahaH:
निर्धनः च अपि कामार्थी दरिद्रः कलहप्रियः
nirdhanaH cha api kaamaarthI daridraH kalahapriyaH

मन्दशास्त्रो विवादार्थी त्रिविधं मूर्ख लक्षणम्
mandashaastro vivaadaarthI trividhaM mUrkha lakShaNam

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