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February 19th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
धर्मार्थौ यत्र न स्यात्तां शुशॄषावाऽपि तद्विधा
तत्र विद्या न वक्तव्या शुभं बीजमिवोषरे

- मनुस्मृति

dharmaarthau yatra na syaattaaM shushRUShaavaa.pi tadvidhaa
tatra vidyaa na vaktavyaa shubhaM bIjamivoShare
- manusmRuti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Where there is no dharma (righteousness), no purpose nor any tending, do not give vidyaa (knowledge) in such a place. (Because), it will be as agreeable as planting a (perfectly) robust seed in a barren land.

Any effort has a result. Though one should not be attached or desirous of a certain outcome, one should certainly be thoughtful about the fruitfulness of his efforts.

There are some basic requirements for a recipient of vidyaa. He should have value for the values, act righteously, have a purpose in life, be humble and prepared to serve. An absence of any of these qualities does not qualify him as a good student. These qualities are essential because they aid in his quest for knowledge and then, his growth in turn.

The verse says giving vidyaa to someone without these qualifications is as futile as planting a flourishing seed in a barren land. Although the seed is good, it can't yield anything due to its circumstances and surrounding. Similarly, educating an unqualified person is a waste of time and energy.

pada vigrahaH:
धर्म अर्थौ यत्र न स्यात् तां शुशॄषौ वा अपि तत् विधा
dharma arthau yatra na syaat taaM shushRUShau vaa api tat vidhaa

तत्र विद्या न वक्तव्या शुभं बीजम् इव ओषरे
tatra vidyaa na vaktavyaa shubhaM bIjam iva oShare

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