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February 18th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
क्षुत्क्षामोऽपि जराकृशोऽपि शिथिलप्रायोऽपि कष्टां दशाम्
आपन्नोऽपि विपन्नदीधितिरपि प्राणेषु नश्यत्स्वपि
किं जीर्णं तृणमत्ति मानमहतामग्रेसरः केसरी

- नीतिशतक

kShutkShaamo.pi jaraakRusho.pi shithilapraayo.pi kaShTaaM dashaam
aapanno.pi vipannadIdhitirapi praaNeShu nashyatsvapi
kiM jIrNaM tRuNamatti maanamahataamagresaraH kesarI
- nItishataka

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Even if emaciated with hunger, even haggard with age, even slacking (in energy), even distressed abundantly, troubled and losing salubrity too... desirous of eating the flesh from the slit forehead of a rut elephant - would a lion, the forerunner among the respectable, eat dilapidated grass!

A lion is not called the king of the jungle for no reason. He keeps his head high because he is strong, ferocious as well as majestic. He doesn't bow down under circumstances and lose his self-esteem. Just because he is wane with hunger, lean with age, lost his pounce, facing multitudes of troubles and losing life's vital energy, he will not succumb to his state of affairs. He still will be desirous of eating the flesh, slitting open the forehead of an elephant - not just any elephant, but a jagged one who is rut with rage. His physical state won't put a dent to his valor! He would never settle for eating some dry grass just because it is easier.

The point here is not herbivorous against carnivorous. The aspect of interest here is - what doesn't come naturally to him, will not come to him in times of dire circumstances either! That is really appreciable. Stooping down from our own values, morals, virtues and views due to external situations should not be an option. Nobility comes from being steady, strong and firm through all kinds of circumstance, like the lion.

Keep thy values and standards at all times.

pada vigrahaH:
क्षुत् क्षामः अपि जरा कृशः अपि शिथिल प्रायः अपि कष्टां दशाम्
kShut kShaamaH api jaraa kRushaH api shithila praayaH api kaShThaaM dashaam

आपन्नः अपि विपन्न दीधितिः अपि प्राणेषु नश्यत्सु अपि
aapannaH api vipanna dIdhitiH api praaNeShu nashyatsu api

मत्ते भेन्द्र विभिन्न कुम्भ पिशित ग्रास एक बद्ध स्पृहः
matte bhendra vibhinna kumbha pishita graasa eka baddha spRuhaH

किं जीर्णं तृणम् अत्ति मान महताम् अग्रेसरः केसरी
kiM jIrNaM tRuNam atti maana mahataam agresaraH kesarI

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