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February 4th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
लालयेद्बालकं तावत् यावदत्र विमुग्धता
राजा प्रजास्विव प्रीतिं पश्चात् प्रच्छादयेत् पिता

- हरिहर सुभाषित

laalayedbaalakaM taavat yaavadatra vimugdhataa
raajaa prajaasviva prItiM pashchaat prachChaadayet pitaa
- harihara subhaaShita

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Indulgence for a child should be only as long as there is innocence. After that, the parents need to hide their love, like the king for his subjects.

(Although the verse says 'baalaka' (son) and 'pitaa'(father), we will consider it as 'santaana' (children) and 'pitarau' (parents), for obvious reasons! In today's world, both parents have an equal role in nurturing both genders of children!!)

This one might sound a little off! But it is true. As babies, the children are as innocent as they can come. As they grow up and see the world around them, becoming little people having personalities of their own, they lose that innocence. For better or worse, it is a part of growing up. There is no escaping that!

We cherish the little ones and indulge in them because their innocence has that kind of an effect. More importantly, at that age, our pampering only nurtures them rather than affect them adversely. But if we want them to grow up into good-natured, responsible adults, that kind of nurturing cannot be carried on into their growing years. It only hinders their growth and the values they learn. Their growing years is the time where morals and values need to be instilled in them. Equipping them with the ability to judge and making the right choices on their own is the way to go. So that, as adults they are confident about making their choices, at the same time, understand the consequences and repercussions of their choices. That certainly cannot happen by indulging them in all their wants and needs.

The example given here is a king's love for his subjects. He has his subjects' best interest in mind. He runs his country in such a way that it is prosperous and everyone is happy and contented (at least the good ones' do). But that doesn't mean he will yield to each and every demand proposed by his subjects. He takes only the valid ones and makes the decisions in their favor, whether they like it or not! Same with children... Making them understand the validity of their demands is important.

When one understands the consequences of his choices, it is hard to make bad ones! Isn't this the one tool we want our children to be equipped with!!

pada vigrahaH:
लालयेत् बालकं तावत् यावत् अत्र विमुग्धता
laalayet baalakaM taavat yaavat atra vimugdhataa

राजा प्रजासु इव प्रीतिं पश्चात् प्रच्छादयेत् पिता
raajaa prajaasu iva prItiM pashchaat prachChaadayet pitaa

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