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February 17th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
मन्त्रबलेन भुजङ्गाः मुग्धकुरगाश्च कूटयन्त्रेण
स्थलजालेन विहङ्गाः गृह्यते मानवाश्च दम्भेन

- कलाविलास

mantrabalena bhuja~ngaaH mugdhakuragaashcha kUTayantreNa
sthalajaalena viha~ngaaH gRuhyate maanavaashcha dambhena
- kalaavilaasa

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Snakes through spells; innocent deer through crafty devices; birds through ground traps; and humans are captured through deceit (hypocrisy).

Mystic spells and musical rhythms of the snake charmer capture the reptiles. A snare or trap is set to catch an unsuspecting and innocent deer. Birds flying high in the sky, are caught easily by laying a net on the ground. To catch these birds and animals, some sort of physical tool is required. But people are taken down through deceit. Human tendencies are strange. A few nice words and a few incentives (although false) are sufficient to win them over. Show off, falsities and facades are everywhere. The problem is - identifying them. One needs to beware of such falsehoods.

The major issue one should keep in mind is that - deceit and hypocrisy might help in winning over the other person. But the person being a hypocrite is the one, who will end up being the loser. Over a period of time, in deceiving others, he will find it hard to trust himself. One who doesn't have trust in himself can't have confidence. One without confidence is a cripple and stops himself from achieving his own very best!

Stay away from hypocrisy! At the same time, beware of hypocrites! Be alert to becoming a hypocrite yourself, as well!!

pada vigrahaH:
मन्त्र बलेन भुजङ्गाः मुग्ध कुरगाः च कूट यन्त्रेण
mantra balena bhuja~ggaaH mugdha kuragaaH cha kUTa yantreNa

स्थल जालेन विहङ्गाः गृह्यते मानवाः च दम्भेन
sthala jaalena viha~ggaaH gRuhyate maanavaaH cha dambhena

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