February 17th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
मन्त्रबलेन भुजङ्गाः मुग्धकुरगाश्च कूटयन्त्रेण
स्थलजालेन विहङ्गाः गृह्यते मानवाश्च दम्भेन
- कलाविलास

mantrabalena bhuja~ngaaH mugdhakuragaashcha kUTayantreNa
sthalajaalena viha~ngaaH gRuhyate maanavaashcha dambhena
- kalaavilaasa

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Snakes through spells; innocent deer through crafty devices; birds through ground traps; and humans are captured through deceit (hypocrisy).

Mystic spells and musical rhythms of the snake charmer captures the reptile. A snare or trap is set to catch an unsuspecting and innocent deer. Birds flying high in the sky, are caught easily by laying a net on the ground. To catch these birds and animals, some sort of physical tool is required. But people are taken down through deceit. Human tendencies are strange. A few nice words and a few incentives (although false) are sufficient to win them over. Show off, falsities and facades are everywhere. The problem is - identifying them. One needs to beware of such falsehoods.

The major issue one should keep in mind, is that, deceit and hypocrisy might help in winning over the other person. But the person being a hypocrite, is the one who will end up being the loser. Over a period of time, in deceiving others, he will find it hard to trust himself. One who doesn't have trust in himself can't have confidence. One without confidence is a cripple and stops himself from achieving his own very best!

Stay away from hypocrisy! At the same time, beware of hypocrites!

pada vigrahaH:
मन्त्र बलेन भुजङ्गाः मुग्ध कुरगाः च कूट यन्त्रेण
mantra balena bhuja~ggaaH mugdha kuragaaH cha kUTa yantreNa

स्थल जालेन विहङ्गाः गृह्यते मानवाः च दम्भेन
sthala jaalena viha~ggaaH gRuhyate maanavaaH cha dambhena

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