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February 22nd

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
जन्मेदं वन्ध्यतां नीतं भवभोगोपलिप्सया
काचमूल्येन विक्रीतः हन्त चिन्तामणिर्मया

- शान्तिशतक

janmedaM vandhyataaM nItaM bhavabhogopalipsayaa
kaachamUlyena vikrItaH hanta chintaamaNirmayaa
- shaantishataka

Meaning of the subhAShita:
This birth went futile in worldly indulgences. Alas! A 'chintaamani' has been traded at the price of glass by me.

A 'chintaamani' is supposedly a stone stronger than penetrating radium and it's dynamic rays instantly increase a person's own vibratory frequencies while bestowing upon him/her the ability to see into the past and future and even evolve into an immortal being. With this description, 'chintaamani' is, beyond doubt, a rare and precious gem.

So is life! It is a gift from God. The best put to use by learning, doing good to the people around us and bettering ourselves every day. In this verse, the poet says that he foolishly indulged in mundane pleasures and threw away precious time he could have used for the betterment of the soul. He says he whiled away such a precious birth, as if, trading off the rare and precious 'chintaamani' callously, like it were a piece of glass! Whether one realizes or not, the stone is still precious, none the less. The trader is the loser if he does so without knowing its worth. Same is applicable to life. It is up to oneself to make use of it - for the betterment of the soul, for the betterment of the people around him, in making the society a nicer place to live in. If this aspect is not valued, it is ourselves who will end up paying the price.

Life is precious! Don't while it away!!

pada vigrahaH:
जन्म इदं वन्ध्यतां नीतं भवभोग उपलिप्सया
janma idaM vandhyataaM nItaM bhavabhoga upalipsayaa

काच मूल्येन विक्रीतः हन्त चिन्तामणिः मया

kaacha mUlyena vikrItaH hanta chintaamaNiH mayaa

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