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February 2nd

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
आरभन्तेऽल्पमेवाज्ञाः कार्यं व्यग्रा भवन्ति च
महारम्भाः कृतधियः तिष्ठन्ति च निराकुलाः
- शिशुपालवध

aarabhante.lpamevaaj~naaH kaaryaM vyagraa bhavanti cha
mahaarambhaaH kRutadhiyaH tiShThanti cha niraakulaaH
- shishupaalavadha

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Even on starting a small job, the unwise get restless and anxious. (Whereas) the wise take up huge tasks and yet remain unperturbed!

Wisdom gives clarity and clarity gives serenity!

Wise people do not get shaken up even when they undertake huge challenges. They break it down to basics and work through the tasks gradually. Their calm approach to the job gives them more energy and courage towards becoming more productive. Nobody can pin down their enthusiasm. Any task they tackle, they come out with flying colors. Such is the strength of wisdom.

But the unwise are shaken up for even the day to day chores. They find it tedious to go through their regular tasks. They end up being anxious and restless. That, in turn, makes them less productive. All the energy gets drained out in anxiety than on the actual chore itself!

Keeping the calm and composure actually enhances the experience in many ways. Not only will it make the end result better, it makes the whole journey a lot easier, happier and pleasanter! It's a win-win situation!! So, why not keep the sanity :)

pada vigrahaH:
आरभन्ते अल्पम् एव अज्ञाः कार्यं व्यग्रा भवन्ति च
aarabhante alpam eva aj~jaaH kaaryaM vyagraa bhavanti cha

मह अरम्भाः कृतधियः तिष्ठन्ति च निराकुलाः
maha arambhaaH kRutadhiyaH tiShThanti cha niraakulaaH