April 29th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
अनिच्छन्तोऽपि विनयं विद्याभ्यासेन बालकाः ।
भेषजेनेव नैरुज्यं प्रापणीयाः प्रयत्नतः ॥

- हरिहर सुभाषित

anichChanto.pi vinayaM vidyaabhyaasena baalakaaH |
bheShajeneva nairujyaM praapaNIyaaH prayatnataH ||
- harihara subhaaShita

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Just as a disease (is treated) through obtaining medicine; children should be taught humility (and values), through education, even if not desired.

Medicine doesn't always taste good or smell enticing.  But then, when in sickness, that is the best remedy for the disease.  Then does the person have a choice.  Don't his likes and dislikes get set aside under such  a circumstance?  It is the exact same scenario when a child's upbringing is at hand.  Just because he has his whims and fancies, a child can not be allowed to go about his demeanor however he pleases.  It becomes the most primal duty of those around, to inculcate values in the child through education.  Acquiring the right knowledge, chisels him out into a wonderful human being as he grows up.

The bitter taste of the medicine cannot become the deciding factor for its consumption.  Just like that, the hardships and sacrifices along the way, cannot be the dominion for learning or becoming better human beings! 

pada vigrahaH:
अनिच्छन्तः अपि विनयं विद्या-अभ्यासेन बालकाः ।
anichChantaH api vinayaM vidyaa-abhyaasena baalakaaH |

भेषजेन इव नैरुज्यं प्रापणीयाः प्रयत्नतः ॥
bheShajena iva nairujyaM praapaNIyaaH prayatnataH ||

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