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April 8th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
श्रीमानजननिन्द्यश्च शूरश्चाप्यविकत्थनः ।
समदृष्टिः प्रभुश्चैव दुर्लभाः पुरुषास्त्रयः ॥

- योगावासिष्ठ, वैराग्य

śrīmānajananindyaśca śūraścāpyavikatthanaḥ ।
samadṛṣṭiḥ prabhuścaiva durlabhāḥ puruṣāstrayaḥ ॥
- yogāvāsiṣṭha, vairāgya

Meaning of the subhAShita:
A wealthy man who is not culpable, a valiant man who is not blusterous, a leader who is unprejudiced - these 3 people are rare to find!

A wealthy man, whether he gained his wealth by just means or unjust means, gets censured.  He gets blamed for having earned by the wrong means or for not doing enough good with his affluence or for being overly lucky even!  Rare is a man who is applauded for his abundance and his attitude towards his fortune.

If one is courageous, chances are, he is arrogant of his valiance and is narrating his valor at every chance he gets!  Humility, in conjunction with heroism, is a rare commodity.  How often do we come across a raama or a hanumaan?

When power is in the hands, arrogance goes to the head!  Misuse of the power, prejudice towards kith and kin, bias towards the lowly and helpless - these become their main attributes.  It is very scarce to see someone with power in his hands and a level head on his shoulders.  A true leader is he who can view all his subjects equally!  This is a virtue of rarity in itself.  He who possesses this is a true statesman.

A politician thinks of the next election, whereas, a statesman thinks of the next generation!  If being a leader, be a statesman.

pada vigrahaH:
श्रीमान् अ-जन-निन्द्यः च शूरः च अपि अ-विकत्थनः ।
śrīmān a-jana-nindyaḥ ca śūraḥ ca api a-vikatthanaḥ ।

सम-दृष्टिः प्रभुः च एव दुर्लभाः पुरुषाः त्रयः ॥
sama-dṛṣṭiḥ prabhuḥ ca eva durlabhāḥ puruṣāḥ trayaḥ ॥

Alternate Transliteration:
shrImaanajananindyashcha shUrashchaapyavikatthanaH ।
samadRuShTiH prabhushchaiva durlabhaaH puruShaastrayaH ॥
- yogaavaasiShTha, vairaagya

shrImaan a-jana-nindyaH cha shUraH cha api a-vikatthanaH ।
sama-dRuShTiH prabhuH cha eva durlabhaaH puruShaaH trayaH ॥

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