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April 15th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
वरं पर्वतदुर्गेषु भ्रान्तं वनचरैः सह ।
न मूर्खजनसम्पर्कः सुरेन्द्रभवनेष्वपि ॥ 

- नीतिशतक, भर्तृहरि

varaM parvatadurgeShu bhraantaM vanacharaiH saha |
na mUrkhajanasamparkaH surendrabhavaneShvapi ||
- nItishataka, bhartRuhari

Meaning of the subhAShita:
It is rather a blessing to wander in the mountains and caves with wild animals, than keeping the company of the imbecile, even in the palatial quarters of indra (the king of Gods)!

It is not about the ambience and the setting, as much as it is about the company.  There should be a common goal, a productive direction and an enjoyable experience when in one's company.  If none of it is practical, then it is better to have no company at all.  The poet curtly says, one will have a blessed time meandering on the mountains and caves of a forest with wild animals, rather than savoring the company of the ludicrous, even if the venue is the heaven itself!

The company of the imbecile, many a time, brings about adverse consequences for others also.  There is no productive development on either front.  Also, the time and efforts of both go futile, many a time detrimental even.  Time and again, it has been seen that 'bad company corrupts good character'.  Isn't it better to keep the sanity than working on redoing it again!

Someone once jokingly said, 'Go to heaven for the climate, to hell for the company'!  But in reality, if the company is bad, reject the climate too :).

pada vigrahaH:
वरं पर्वत-दुर्गेषु भ्रान्तं वन-चरैः सह ।
varaM parvata-durgeShu bhraantaM vana-charaiH saha |

न मूर्ख-जन-सम्पर्कः सुरेन्द्र-भवनेषु अपि ॥
na mUrkha-jana-samparkaH surendra-bhavaneShu api ||

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