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May 6th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
दुर्जनः परिहर्तव्यः विद्ययाऽलङ्‍कृतोऽपि सन् ।
मणिना भूषितः सर्पः किमसौ न भयङ्करः ॥

- नीतिशतक, भर्तृहरि

durjanaH parihartavyaH san |
maNinaa bhUShitaH sarpaH kimasau na bhaya~nkaraH ||
- nItishataka, bhartRuhari

Meaning of the subhAShita:
An evildoer should be evaded, even if ornate with knowledge too!  Just because it is adorned with a jewel,  isn't a snake scary?

Someone once said, 'If you see a snake, just kill it.  For God's sake... do not appoint a committee on snakes!'  Such is the repute of a snake.  The enticement of the beautiful jewel on its head will not overtake the fear it generates in the hearts of the people.  It still is regarded as a scary creature and people would stay away from it.  Similarly, a person's versatility in different arenas or his expertise in a particular field, will not draw people to him if his mind is evil.  Those around him are bound to be hurt.  Many a time, the evilness of his mind may not even be evident to those around.  Especially if he is a learned man, he would have mastered the art of deceit!  Hence, the author says, just because a snake brandishes a shiny jewel on its head, it doesn't make it any less scary.  An evildoer, adorned with vidyaa (knowledge), is just the same.  Hence, avoid the snake and the evildoer, just the same, at all costs!

Knowledge and viciousness do not go hand in hand.  One day or the other, the malevolence shall be exposed and ostracized. True knowledge should make one humble and pious.  Aim for true vidyaa.   Respect, lovableness and piety will follow automatically.

pada vigrahaH:
दुर्जनः परिहर्तव्यः विद्यया अलङ्‍कृतः अपि सन् ।
durjanaH parihartavyaH vidyayaa ala~nkRutaH api san |

मणिना भूषितः सर्पः किम् असौ न भयङ्करः ॥
maNinaa bhUShitaH sarpaH kim asau na bhaya~nkaraH ||

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