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May 13th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
यत्रोऽत्साहसमारम्भः यत्रालस्यविहीनता ।
नयविक्रमसंयोगः तत्र श्रीरचला ध्रुवम् ॥
- पञ्चतन्त्र, मित्रसम्प्राप्‍ति

yatro.tsaahasamaarambhaH yatraalasyavihInataa |
nayavikramasaMyogaH tatra shrIrachalaa dhruvam ||
- pa~nchatantra, mitrasampraapti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Where there is zeal in the effort, where there is an absence of indolence, there, in a conjugation of humility and courage, wealth is certain to be steady.

Zealousness in any actions is what makes the task that much easier (or harder)!  When there is enthusiasm and passion in what one is undertaking, it kindles gusto in those around.  It ignites a sense of eagerness in everyone to reach the goal sooner and better. To be zealous constantly, in the face of all kinds of hurdles and brick walls one comes across, takes a lot of courage!

About zeal, it is said that it fits only the wise, but found mostly in the fools :).  When there is energy, shouldn't there be a sense of direction for that energy!  Where there is no misdirected energy, there is no place for indolence.  'Indolence', the word just makes laziness appear classy :).  But is useful nowhere!

Wisdom and proper knowledge bring humility in a person.  In a union of humility and courage, there is no stopping for prosperity.  Where there is prosperity, there is abundance and abundance leads to wealth!  Hence, if aspiring for wealth, inculcate these very essential attributes!

pada vigrahaH:
यत्र उत्साह-समारम्भः यत्र आलस्य-विहीनता ।
yatra utsaaha-samaarambhaH yatra aalasya-vihInataa |

नय-विक्रम-संयोगः तत्र श्रीः अचला ध्रुवम् ॥
naya-vikrama-samyogaH tatra shrIH achalaa dhruvam ||

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