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September 9th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
वनस्पतेरपक्वानि फलानि प्रचिनोति यः ।
स नाप्नोति रसं तेभ्यो बीजं चास्य विनश्यति ॥

- विदुरनीति

vanaspaterapakvaani phalaani prachinoti yaH |
sa naapnoti rasaM tebhyo bIjaM chaasya vinashyati ||
- viduranIti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
He who plucks the unripe fruit from the fruit trees, not only doesn't he acquire their juices, but spoils its seed as well. 

Right time, right place!

When a fruit is not ripe, it is not ready for plucking.  Nature has designed things so perfectly, that, when a fruit is ripe, just a small touch is enough for it to detach itself from the tree and fall into one's hand!  Not only that, the peel separates from the fruit easily and so does the seed (if it is inside)!  There is not much effort needed.  When such a perfect design is tampered, it is quite natural that the result is tampered as well.  If the fruit is plucked when it is unripe, all its juices wouldn't have reached their peak.  Their flavors would not have developed to their entirety.  The seed inside, wouldn't have reached its fullest potential either!  All these would not be available to their fullest potential for enjoyment.  Why risk so many losses?!  

Keeping the patience till the fruit is ready for harvest, reaps far many more benefits to the person than to one that loses his patience.  Hurrying up nature won't work.  The tree will not ripen the fruit as per the onlooker's schedule after all!  Only time can fill in the right juices in the right proportions.

Similarly, in all walks of life, one has to do the right things. at the right time, at the right place.  The same action done in an untimely manner will most certainly turn out wasteful.  One can not say, 'but I put in a lot of effort'!!  For, it is not the effort alone that yields results, it is the perfect timing as well.  Just like a player can not hit a goal even before the game starts and expect to score, one has to put in his efforts in the right direction at all times.

After all, doing what's right, the right way at the right time, is the key to success in all walks of life!

pada vigrahaH:
वनस्पतेः अ-पक्वानि फलानि प्रचिनोति यः ।
vanaspateH a-pakvaani phalaani prachinoti yaH |

स न आप्नोति रसं तेभ्यः बीजं च अस्य विनश्यति ॥
sa na aapnoti rasaM tebhyaH bIjaM cha asya vinashyati ||


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