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September 23rd

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
शमार्थं सर्वशास्त्राणि विहितानि मनीषिभिः ।
स एव सर्वशास्त्रज्ञः यस्य शान्तं मनः सदा ॥
- महाभारत

shamaarthaM sarvashaastraaNi vihitaani manIShibhiH |
sa eva sarvashaastraj~naH yasya shaantaM manaH sadaa ||
- mahaabhaarata

Meaning of the subhAShita:
The learned contrived all the shaastras (treatises) to quieten the mind.  He alone is cognizant of all shaastraas, whose mind is calm at all times.

It is said that data is not information, information is not knowledge, knowledge is not understanding, understanding is not wisdom.  Gaining that wisdom is the very purpose of reading treatises.  

The very purport of the contrivers of those treatises is to teach the reader, how to quieten the mind.  All the shaastras proclaim the same wisdom - quietening of the mind.  It is like the many rivers flowing, with the same purpose of pouring into the mighty ocean.  If one has already reached the ocean, why would he be required to know the flow of the river?  Hence, the poet says, he who already knows how to keep the mind calm and placid, has true cognizance and mastery over all the shaastras!  He does not have to read any shaastras or work towards achieving a goal in life.  Because.., he would have already achieved the purpose of any being's reason for existence! 

Each one of us is running in all directions in search of ONE THING and that is tranquillity of mind.  The very mind, that is right within ourselves!  He who has won that fort has nothing else to achieve!  May each and every one of us find that inner peace and find it soon.  That shall certainly make the noisy world a much quieter and serene place to be in!

pada vigrahaH:
शम-अर्थं सर्व-शास्त्राणि विहितानि मनीषिभिः ।
shama-arthaM sarva-shaastraaNi vihitaani manIShibhiH |

स एव सर्व-शास्त्रज्ञः यस्य शान्तं मनः सदा ॥
sa eva sarva-shaastraj~naH yasya shaantaM manaH sadaa ||


  1. "यस्य शान्तं मनः सदा" इति भवॆत् किल?

  2. mudraaraakShasya prabhaavaat kRutam skalitam pUritam :). dhanyavaadaH Mahesh mahodayaH.

  3. Thank you for the great work

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