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September 2nd

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
सदा वक्रस्सदारुष्टः सदापूजामपेक्षते ।
कन्याराशिस्थितो नित्यं जामाता दशमो ग्रहः ॥

sadā vakrassadāruṣṭaḥ sadāpūjāmapekṣate ।
kanyārāśisthito nityaṃ jāmātā daśamo grahaḥ ॥

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Always crooked, always angry, always expecting veneration - put up in the 'kanyaa raashi' (sun sign Virgo, also implying the daughter) eternally, son-in-law is the tenth planet.

It is a norm amongst some, that a son-in-law should be given special care and treatment by the parents of the girl.  Such a son-in-law is known to be ever angry and always finding faults with anything that is done.  The parents are constantly anxious about providing the best possible care and attention to their son-in-law nay their daughter should suffer the brunt of his displeasure!  They are weary of tending to him all the time.  This seems to be a verse emerging out of the plight of such parents who have given their daughter in marriage to a very demanding man.  Hence, they are expressing their plight in a satirical way, comparing the son-in-law to be the tenth planet, sitting in the 'kanyaa raashi' (kanyaa happens to be one of the 'zodiac signs' (Virgo) and also means 'daughter') eternally.

Not necessary that all sons-in-law have this attitude, but some of them that do have, bring out the poet in a person to say such a verse.  More than what this stands for, this one is shared for its sense of humor, in which a given scenario is presented in the language.  How even a mundane issue is addressed humorously and satirically!

May not, any parents feel this kind of pain, nor a son-in-law earn this kind of a name...

pada vigrahaH:
सदा वक्रः सदा रुष्टः सदा पूजाम् अपेक्षते ।
sadā vakraḥ sadā ruṣṭaḥ sadā pūjām apekṣate ।

कन्या-राशि-स्थितो नित्यं जामाता दशमः ग्रहः ॥
kanyā-rāśi-sthito nityaṃ jāmātā daśamaḥ grahaḥ ॥

Alternate Transliteration:
sadaa vakrassadaaruShTaH sadaapUjaamapekShate |
kanyaaraashisthito nityaM jaamaataa dashamo grahaH ||

sadaa vakraH sadaa ruShTaH sadaa pUjaam apekShate ।
kanyaa-raashi-sthito nityaM jaamaataa dashamaH grahaH ॥

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