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August 26th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
वलीभिर्मुखमाक्रान्तं पलितैरङ्कितं शिरः ।
गात्राणि शिथिलायन्ते तृष्णैका तरुणायते ॥

- वैराग्यशतक

valībhirmukhamākrāntaṃ palitairaṅkitaṃ śiraḥ ।
gātrāṇi śithilāyante tṛṣṇaikā taruṇāyate ॥
- vairāgyaśataka

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Face encroached in wrinkles; head marked by grays; limbs frail/feeble; appetence alone is young!

Gray hair, wrinkled face and feeble limbs are all signs of impending old age.  The organs lax and become fragile and incoherent because they have grown, matured, enjoyed being their best during youth and ripened due to time and usage.  But then, there is one very powerful trait of the being that doesn't undergo this cycle of growing, maturing, enjoying at its best and then... ripening!  It for sure undergoes the first three stages.  But on reaching its pinnacle it just remains there and keeps growing wider and deeper!  It is insatiable and infinitely growing as well!!  'Appetence', 'thirst', 'intense craving', 'strong desire'....  Many are its names, but effects..., all the same!  It is insatiable at any age!  A new craving, a new thirst, a new desire.... once that is satisfied, there is some other craving, thirst or desire, ready to take over...  This seems to have no end at any stage of life.  The poet observes that thirst is the only attribute of the being, that gets stuck in its youth and never outgrows that stage! The rest of the organs show clear signs of dilapidation!

The thirst of desire can never be fulfilled nor fully quenched.  When drinking salt water, you drink and the thirst increases.  Desire is just the same!  The more it is fed, the more it overpowers.  Nipping it in the bud is the easiest way of conquering it, they say.

pada vigrahaH:
वलीभिः मुखम् आक्रान्तं पलितैः अङ्कितं शिरः ।
valībhiḥ mukham ākrāntaṃ palitaiḥ aṅkitaṃ śiraḥ ।

गात्राणि शिथिलायन्ते तृष्णा एका तरुणायते ॥
gātrāṇi śithilāyante tṛṣṇā ekā taruṇāyate ॥

Alternate Transliteration:
valIbhirmukhamaakraantaM palitaira~nkitaM shiraH ।
gaatraaNi shithilaayante tRuShNaikaa taruNaayate ॥
- vairaagyashataka

valIbhiH mukham aakraantaM palitaiH a~nkitaM shiraH ।
gaatraaNi shithilaayante tRuShNaa ekaa taruNaayate ॥

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