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August 12th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
इदमेव हि पाण्डित्यं चातुर्यमिदमेव हि ।
इदमेव सुबुद्धित्वम् आयादल्पतरो व्ययः ॥

- समयोचितपद्यमालिका

idameva hi paaNDityaM chaaturyamidameva hi |
idameva subuddhitvam aayaadalpataro vyayaH ||
- samayochitapadyamaalikaa

Meaning of the subhAShita:
This alone is erudition, this alone is dexterity, this alone is good intellect - expense less than revenue.

Not stretching beyond means!

What one possesses, only that he can expend.  What one owns, only that he can give.  What one earns, only that he can spend.  Isn't this a straightforward philosophy?  The poet opines that this alone is erudition, dexterity and good intellect.  Although all these, are different facets of decision making, the emphasis here is 'all these have to give the same end result'.  There is no choice about it.  For, owing to someone is a burden of the heaviest kind.   Even enslaving someone may be a better choice, for only the person is pawned for that.  But to a debtor, the heaviest interest one pays are his dignity and self-respect!

The most sensible way to avoid getting into this scenario is - living within one's means.  Not stretching beyond what one can afford...  Always having some stored for a rainy day...  Even ants do that!  Shouldn't humans do this more ardently :)?

Spending is quick, earning is slow.  Beware!  Earn slowly, spend even more slowly :).

pada vigrahaH:
इदम् एव हि पाण्डित्यं चातुर्यम् इदम् एव हि ।
idam eva hi paaNDityaM chaaturyam idam eva hi |

इदम् एव सु-बुद्धित्वम् आयात् अल्पतरः व्ययः ॥
idam eva su-buddhitvam aayaat alpataraH vyayaH ||

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  1. so apt for the condition of the western economies today........