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August 19th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
गृहं गृहमटन् भिक्षुः शिक्षते न तु याचते ।
अदत्वा मद्दृशो मा भूः दत्वा त्वं त्वद्दृशो भव ॥

- अज्ञात

gRuhaM gRuhamaTan bhikShuH shikShate na tu yaachate |
adatvaa maddRusho maa bhUH datvaa tvaM tvaddRusho bhava ||
- aj~naata

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Roaming from home to home, the cadger is not begging but teaching - do not become like me - by not giving, but remain like yourself - by giving.

Why does a beggar go from house to house, begging for alms?  Is it because he does not have enough so he goes begging?  The poet says, 'not really'!!  The poet opines that the cadger goes from home to home, in order to teach the dwellers a very important value.  He wants to teach them, remain like yourself by giving alms, do not become like me by being close-fisted!  How does he justify that?  Hands that give shall also receive.  To lead a comfortable life in the society, the inhabitant of the home sure has received many a blessings and favors to lead the kind of life he does.  By giving to those in need, he will only better his chances of receiving generously further in his own life.  Without giving, he is certain to run out of the credits in his account of good deeds and land up on the streets like the cadger himself!!  So the cadger is walking around, as if, warning the avaricious that - without giving, the same shall be your fate, sooner or later.

By giving, one only makes his own life better. In giving, the bigger beneficiary is the giver really!  For, the contentment that comes in giving.., is far less than the satisfaction of receiving.  Give with all your heart!

pada vigrahaH:
गृहं गृहम् अटन् भिक्षुः शिक्षते न तु याचते ।
gRuhaM gRuham aTan bhikShuH shikShate na tu yaachate |

अदत्वा मत् दृशः मा भूः दत्वा त्वं त्वत् दृशः भव ॥
adatvaa mat dRushaH maa bhUH datvaa tvaM tvat dRushaH bhava ||

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