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August 5th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
घटं भिद्यात् पटं छिन्द्यात् कुर्याद्रासभरोहणम् ।
येन केनाप्युपायेन प्रसिद्धः पुरुषो भवेत् ॥

- समयोचितपद्यमालिका

ghaTaM bhidyaat paTaM Chindyaat kuryaadraasabharohaNam |
yena kenaapyupaayena prasiddhaH puruSho bhavet ||
- samayochitapadyamaalikaa

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Destroy a pot, tear up a cloth, (or) mount a donkey (too)!  By one means or another, become a famous man!!

By hook or crook, achieve thy goal.  This seems to be the tagline that some people ardently believe in!  

The poet sarcastically says, to become famous, some will resort to any means.  That could be breaking things and making noise, tearing stuff and attracting attention, or even riding a donkey to make a statement!  

This is appalling to some, whereas it comes naturally to a few others.  They create all kinds of drama around themselves get the spotlight onto themselves.  It is like they say, people whose pictures are published in the newspaper are either famous or infamous. So, to claim the fame of whichever kind, one can either be a good cop or a great thief. Pictures of both the people shall be published!­! It is up to oneself to choose his route of becoming (in)famous :).

It is said that fame is the advantage of being known to people you don't know nor care to know about!  It is all ephemeral, the fame as well as the famous.  Why trade at the price of truth, honesty and morality, to run behind something so tentative and unreal?!

Make thy pick...

pada vigrahaH:
घटं भिद्यात् पटं छिन्द्यात् कुर्यात् रासभ-रोहणम् ।
ghaTaM bhidyaat paTaM Chindyaat kuryaat raasabha-rohaNam |

येन केनापि उपायेन प्रसिद्धः पुरुषः भवेत् ॥
yena kenaapi upaayena prasiddhaH puruShaH bhavet ||


  1. namaste

    Shouldn't the last word in the first half be

    रसभ आरोहणम् ?

    अतः "कुर्यात् रसभारोहणम्" इत्येव वरम् इति मन्ये ।
    तव अभिप्रायः कः ?.


  2. @Hari-ji, 'rohaNa' ityapi padaH vartate. aangla bhaaShaayaam, 'climb, go up, mount', ityaadi arthaH sanjaayate. 'aarohaNa' padasya arthamapi tadeva bhavatI, parantu Chandaarthe kaviH rohaNam ityeva prayujyate.


  3. lol....this subhashit applies to Rakhi Sawant brand of popularity.....