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October 8th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
गुणाः सन्ति नराणां चेत् विकसन्त्येव ते स्वयम्
न हि कस्तूरिकामोदः शपथेन निवार्यते 

- अज्ञात

guNaaH santi naraaNaaM chet vikasantyeva te svayam
na hi kastUrikaamodaH shapathena nivaaryate
- aj~naata

Meaning of the subhAShita:
If there are efficacies in people, they shall blossom on their own.  It is not possible to ward off the perfume of the musk by any means.

What is inherent, can for no reason, stay hidden, nor can it be changed!  Can any amount of washing or drying in the sun, wash away the innate fragrance of musk?  Can any amount of coaxing, make a nightingale sing any less sweetly?  Can any amount of bleaching, strip away the colors from the feathers of a peacock?

The attribute which is inherent is - as good as ingrained in its very existence!  That is true for the nature of people as well.  The intrinsic nature of a person cannot be masked for very long.  One day or another, it shall surface.  Whether it is a person's good attributes or the evil ones, they can't lay low forever.

The moral here - if something is an integral characteristic, one doesn't have to put up a commercial for it.  It shall shine on its own.  Nobody or nothing can dilute that!  Have faith in that innate strength and keep going!

pada vigrahaH:
गुणाः सन्ति नराणां चेत् विकसन्ति एव ते स्वयम्
guNaaH santi naraaNaaM chet vikasanti eva te svayam

न हि कस्तूरिका आमोदः शपथेन निवार्यते
na hi kastUrikaa aamodaH shapathena nivaaryate

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