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October 22nd

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
स्वभावसुन्दरं वस्तु न संस्कारमपेक्षते
मुक्तारत्नस्य शाणाश्म-घर्षणं नोपयुज्यते

- दृष्टान्तकलिका

svabhaavasundaraM vastu na saMskaaramapekShate
muktaaratnasya shaaNaashma-gharShaNaM nopayujyate
- dRuShTaantakalikaa

Meaning of the subhAShita:
That which is beautiful by nature does not need further refinement.  For a pearl, grinding on a touchstone will do no good!

A pearl, in its original form, is lustrous.  One does not have to scrub or polish it, to make it shine brighter.  In fact, such grinding harms the pearl, for it chips away its layers!  By its very nature, it has the shine that it has.  Any kind of processing can make it no less nor no more!

That is true for the characteristics of a person too.  They shall shine all on their own, whether he is sitting on a king's throne or living in some obscure thatch, his originality, his attributes, his nature, shall not change.  Just as sweetness is inseparable from sugar, just as saltiness is inseverable from salt, so is the inherent intrinsic characteristic of anyone or anything.  No contentions there.  So, trust thy nature and let it shine, all on its own accord!

pada vigrahaH:
स्वभाव-सुन्दरं वस्तु न संस्कारम् अपेक्षते
svabhaava-sundaraM vastu na saMskaaram apekShate

मुक्तारत्नस्य शाण-अश्म-घर्षणं न उपयुज्यते
muktaaratnasya shaaNa-ashma-gharShaNaM na upayujyate

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  1. The inner man shines through the crusty one.