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July 1st

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
प्रामाण्यबुद्धिः स्तोत्रेषु देवताबुद्धिरात्मनि ।
कीटबुद्धिर्मनुष्येषु नूतनायाः श्रियः फलम् ॥
- कलिविडम्बना

praamaaNyabuddhiH stotreShu devataabuddhiraatmani |
kITabuddhirmanuShyeShu nUtanaayaaH shriyaH phalam ||
- kaliviDambanaa

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Authoritativeness in one's own praises; perceiving oneself as the Almighty; discerning other humans as insects - these are the fruit of new found wealth. 

People at large, value material wealth and having lots of it, gives a sense of accomplishment. If that wealth came overnight, what to ask of such a person!  He would be constantly boasting of his possessions.  Swelling upon one's own praises isn't a very pleasant trait.  It is easy for him to think of himself as superior to the rest.  That is followed by gloating about himself and thinking of himself as God!  The counter effect of that, regarding the rest of the human species as 'insignificant insects'!!

There is a saying in another language, which can be translated to somewhat like this - 'when a mediocre person gets wealth suddenly out of nowhere, he wakes up in the middle of the night and holds out an umbrella'!  The reason here, he suddenly remembers that he is wealthy and wants to show off.  He would be at home in the middle of the night and there is no need for an umbrella inside a home, is there?  But he will hold it out just to show that he owns an umbrella now :).

Someone even said 'self-praise is almost slander'!  Why demean oneself when one can use his new found resources for the betterment of the society?  That takes a lot of humility!  Nothing else can lead a person on the right path.

Someone born and rolling in wealth might be able to deal with it, but for someone who suddenly found new resources, it takes very strong morals to keep him from becoming arrogant!  Keep thy head on thine shoulders at all times :).  Everything else shall follow.

pada vigrahaH:
प्रामाण्य-बुद्धिः स्तोत्रेषु देवता-बुद्धिः आत्मनि ।
praamaaNya-buddhiH stotreShu devataa-buddhiH aatmani |

कीट-बुद्धिः मनुष्येषु नूतन-आयाः श्रियः फलम् ॥
kITa-buddhiH manuShyeShu nUtana-aayaaH shriyaH phalam ||


  1. So true.I see examples around.
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  2. anonymous,nk10/2/11, 7:45 PM

    I really like your blog. You explain the subhaashitaas very well Rashmiji.

  3. Thank you RA and anonymous, nk :).