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July 8th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
लभेत सिकतासु तैलमपि यत्नतः पीडयन्
पिबेच्च मृगतृष्णिकासु सलिलं पिपासार्दितः ।
कदाचिदपि पर्यटन् शशविषाणमासादयेत्
न तु प्रतिनिविष्टमूर्खजनचित्तमाराधयेत् ॥
- नीतिशतक, भर्तृहरि

labheta sikataasu tailamapi yatnataH pIDayan
pibechcha mRugatRuShNikaasu salilaM pipaasaarditaH |
kadaachidapi paryaTan shashaviShaaNamaasaadayet
na tu pratiniviShTamUrkhajanachittamaaraadhayet ||
- nItishataka, bhartRuhari

Meaning of the subhAShita:
(One) may procure oil from the sand after forceful exertion; an extremely thirsty person may get a drink of water from a mirage; sometimes after (immense) wandering, may obtain a rabbit horn; but can never appease the mind of a perverse fool!

Is there even an ounce of oil content in the whole heap of sand?  Is there any real water in a mirage?  Does a hare even have a horn, for one to be able to find it?  The answer to all these three scenarios is obviously a big NO!  But then, the poet says, probably, all these virtual impossibilities may still be a possibility!!  After exerting oneself to the extreme, one may finally be able to squeeze out a drop of oil from a heap of sand!  An exceedingly parched person might get a drink of water from a mirage even!  Although a hare doesn't ever grow a horn, one might, after an extensive hunt, be able to procure one!  None of these are deemed impossible, in comparison to pleasing the mind of an obstinate fool.  Now that.., is a whole different ballgame.  That is not just impossible, it is an exceptional impossibility to the Nth degree!!  Anyone even trying to mitigate the mind of a fool, would be making a futile effort.

A wise man may change his mind, but a fool never - they say.  Once the mind of an imbecile is set on something, the poet says in another verse, it is not possible even for Lord brahma to change it.  A fool would be adamantly hung up on his stance and not be perturbed by anyone at any cost.  Then what is the point in trying to convince someone that has decided to never be convinced?!

Why waste efforts in something fruitless?  At the same time, if one has decided to be implausible, for no good reason, now he knows what he shall be called :).

pada vigrahaH:
लभेत सिकतासु तैलम् अपि यत्नतः पीडयन्
labheta sikataasu tailam api yatnataH pIDayan

पिबेत् च मृगतृष्णिकासु सलिलं पिपास अर्दितः ।
pibet cha mRugatRuShNikaasu salilaM pipaasa arditaH |

कदाचित् अपि पर्यटन् शश-विषाणम् आसादयेत् 
kadaachit api paryaTan shasha-viShaaNam aasaadayet

न तु प्रतिनिविष्ट-मूर्ख-जन-चित्तम् आराधयेत् ॥
na tu pratiniviShTa-mUrkha-jana-chittam aaraadhayet ||


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  2. Mahesh mahodayaH, samskRuta adhyaapakaaH madarthe avismaraNIyaaH! mama ambaa (mama aadya guruH), api cha mama shaalaayaaH, mahaavidyaalayasya cha adhyaapikaaH eva mama preraNaaH santi. bhavaan api samskRutam paaThayati iti jnaatvaa, atIva harshitaa asmi! bhavataH protsaahaarthe dhanyavaadaH!

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