July 15th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
भवन्ति नम्रास्तरवः फलोद्गमैः
नवाम्बुभिर्दूरविलम्बिनो घनाः ।
अनुद्धताः सत्पुरुषाः समृद्धिभिः
स्वभाव एवैष परोपकारिणाम् ॥

- नीतिशतक

bhavanti namraastraravaH phalodgamaiH
navaambubhirdUravilambino ghanaaH |
anuddhataaH satpuruShaaH samRuddhibhiH
svabhaava evaiSha paropakaariNaam ||
- nItishataka

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Trees bow down when fruit are shooting forth; clouds when carrying water, hang far down; in opulence,  the noble become humble - this is the very nature of the benevolent.

"If you wish to have peace provide peace for others" - this probably is the motivation for the trees, clouds and the noble!  They attain their internal peace by their act of benevolence to others.  Not just being affable, they are humble too.  Humility is their prime attribute.

When a tree is full of fruit, it does not stretch itself straight up in arrogance, arrogance that it is providing fruit to everyone.  It bends down in humility, as if to make it easier for others to access its fruit! 

When clouds are overborne with water, they hang low as if in diffidence, so they could shower their cool waters at the earliest!

The noble when bestowed with opulence, they display utmost humility.  They do not have even an ounce of arrogance about any of their resources or boons.  They display utmost modesty and believe that humility is a life long lesson.  There is no time they relax from being humble!  It is a natural trait that comes spontaneously to them at all times.  Their clear stance is that 'humility is the cornerstone for all other virtues'.  Hence they never take respite from their wonderful attribute.

Those that do good to others never take pride in themselves.  Pride makes us artificial, humility makes us real.  Let's be real!

pada vigrahaH:
भवन्ति नम्राः तरवः फल-उद्गमैः
bhavanti namraaH taravaH phala-udgamaiH

नव-अम्बुभिः दूरविलम्बिनः घनाः ।
nava-ambubhiH dUravilambinaH ghanaaH |

अनुद्धताः सत्-पुरुषाः समृद्धिभिः
anuddhataaH sat-puruShaaH samRuddhibhiH

स्वभाव एव एष पर-उपकारिणाम् ॥
svabhaava eva eSha para-upakaariNaam ||


  1. Don't miss '-' between these
    फल उद्गमैः
    पर उपकारिणाम्

  2. Yes, done Lalitaalaalita-ji!

  3. Venu gopal A N7/17/11, 10:41 AM

    To Be peaceful in life everyone must be HUMBLE