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June 24th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
उदीरितोऽर्थः पशुनापि गृह्यते
हयाश्च नागाश्च वहन्ति देशिताः ।
अनुक्तमप्यूहति पण्डितो जनः
परेङ्गितज्ञानफला हि बुद्धयः ॥

- हितोपदेश, सुहृद्भेद

udīrito'rthaḥ paśunāpi gṛhyate
hayāśca nāgāśca vahanti deśitāḥ ।
anuktamapyūhati paṇḍito janaḥ
pareṅgitajñānaphalā hi buddhayaḥ ॥
- hitopadeśa, suhṛdbheda

Meaning of the subhAShita:
That which is enunciated clearly, is grasped by even animals, (just as) horses and serpents execute on orders.  The intelligent perceive even that which is unsaid.  Certainly, the consequence of intelligence is an understanding of the intent of others.

'Stay', 'fetch', 'run', 'dance', 'jump' - even animals respond to such instructions.  A horse can run when whipped.  A snake can nod its head according to the snake charmer's flute movements.  Animals (at least the domestic ones :), promptly do what they are told.  Doing what they are told, is no rocket science to the animals.  They do not have to use much intellect or make decisions to follow instructions.

Shouldn't the intellect of man set him apart?  The intelligence of man allows him to understand and perceive even the untold words.  He can deduce and act, depending upon previous experiences, reactions and responses from those around him.  He thinks his actions through, comprehends the repercussions and executes intelligently.  He takes initiative to do even those tasks that were not assigned to him, in so many words.  Taking initiative is, doing the right thing without being told!  Many a scientist, mathematicians and even philosophers have tread paths that were never explored before.  That is exactly why they were able to make their discoveries or theories!  That is why someone once said, 'Discoveries are often made by not following the instructions, by going off the main road, by trying the untried'!!  Else, the world would see no discoveries uncovered nor have inventions invented :).  The author says, in fact, the consequence of proper intelligence is - the ability to perceive the untold stories!

Get smart.  Do not wait for someone to give instructions all the time.  Take charge, take initiative... Give it your best in all good faith and see what comes!  The color of life shall change as you see it!!

pada vigrahaH:
उदीरितः अर्थः पशुना अपि गृह्यते
udīritaḥ arthaḥ paśunā api gṛhyate

हयाः च नागाः च वहन्ति देशिताः ।
hayāḥ ca nāgāḥ ca vahanti deśitāḥ ।

अनुक्तम् अपि ऊहति पण्डितः जनः
anuktam api ūhati paṇḍitaḥ janaḥ

पर-इङ्गित-ज्ञान-फलाः हि बुद्धयः ॥
para-iṅgita-jñāna-phalāḥ hi buddhayaḥ ॥

Alternate Transliteration:
udIrito.rthaH pashunaapi gRuhyate
hayaashcha naagaashcha vahanti deshitaaH ।
anuktamapyUhati paNDito janaH
pare~ngitaj~naanaphalaa hi buddhayaH ॥
- hitopadesha, suhRudbheda

udIritaH arthaH pashunaa api gRuhyate
hayaaH cha naagaaH cha vahanti deshitaaH ।
anuktam api Uhati paNDitaH janaH
para-i~ngita-j~naana-phalaaH hi buddhayaH ॥

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