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June 3rd

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
उद्यन्तु शतमादित्याः उद्यन्तु शतमिन्दवः ।
न विना विदुषां वाक्यैः नश्यत्याभ्यन्तरं  तमः ॥

- सभारञ्जन शतक

udyantu shatamaadityaaH udyantu shatamindavaH |
na vinaa viduShaaM vaakyaiH nashyatyaabhyantaraM tamaH ||
- sabhaara~njana shataka

Meaning of the subhAShita:
May a hundred suns rise, may (there) rise a hundred moons.  (But) without listening to the words of the wise men, the internal darkness cannot be annihilated!

They say, 'there isn't enough darkness in the world to put out the light of even one little candle'.  At the same time, at the other end of the spectrum, 'there isn't enough light in this world to eradicate even an ounce of the darkness within, without listening to the wise words of wisdom of the learned'!

A human is in a unique situation than any other living being.  He is the only animal blessed with the faculty of speech and understanding.  He is the only being who has been blessed with a thinking mind and an intellect to make choices!  Ever since the dinosaur era, has anyone ever heard of a more intelligent animal than a human?  Why on earth did God give that facility if it did not mean for Him, to set humans apart from the rest of the creatures?  Would the Lord ever create a strand of hair without a purpose?!!  Then, why did He create such an elaborate and complicated structure of language and thought process, explicit just for the homo sapiens?!!  Obviously, there was an equally specific and essential purpose for it!  Would it be to show the supremacy of the humans over other animals?  Definitely not!  Dominion and surrender aren't natural to any being.  That which doesn't come naturally, cannot be dharma.  That which is not dharma, CAN NOT be the purpose in the Lord's mind!  Then, what could it be?  The only possible reason could be - to spread the knowledge..., the knowledge of the ultimate truth. The poet says, the ignorance within, which is equated to darkness, can be eradicated only through listening to the wise words of the learned!  Even if a hundred suns rise all at once and a hundred moons emerge along with that, the unanimous light is not sufficient to decimate the ignorance of the within!  The one and only ray of hope to cure that murkiness is, listening to the teaching of the great masters and seers of all times.  No other choice!

Isn't it better to light a candle than curse the darkness!  May each find his guiding light and tread towards attaining his goal with ease.

pada vigrahaH:
उद्यन्तु शतम् आदित्याः उद्यन्तु शतम् इन्दवः ।

udyantu shatam aadityaaH udyantu shatam indavaH |

न विना विदुषां वाक्यैः नश्यति आभ्यन्तरं तमः ॥
na vinaa viduShaaM vaakyaiH nashyati aabhyantaraM tamaH ||

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