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June 10th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
उच्चैरुच्चरितव्यं यत्किञ्चिदजानतापि पुरुषेण ।
मूर्खा बहु मन्यन्ते विदुषामपि संशयो भवति ॥

- सुभाषितसुधानिधि

uchchairuchcharitavyaM yatki~nchidajaanataapi puruSheNa |
mUrkhaa bahu manyante viduShaamapi saMshayo bhavati ||
- subhaaShitasudhaanidhi

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Whatever little is spoken by a person, should be pronounced intensely (loudly and clearly), even if unaware of everything.  For, (not only shall) the imbecile regard highly, even the wise shall become incredulous.

While speaking, the conviction of the speaker weighs in quite a bit, along with what is being spoken!  Like it or not, if the speaker is not certain of himself, how can he expect his audience to have any faith in what he is saying?  Swallowing the words, stuttering or stammering, catches no attention of the onlooker, nor does mumbling or droning.

They say, 'write to be understood, speak to be heard'!  If one wants to be heard, he needs to speak and speak clearly, he MUST!  Speech is power when used aptly, or one will regret that he ever opened his mouth :).  But when he does, he should make sure it is loud and clear.

The poet goes a step further and says, even if unaware of everything, one should speak clearly!  Because, the dull-witted shall have a high regard, due to one's delivery and the smart ones too shall doubt for a moment, that one might know everything ;). Deception is not the purpose here, nor is he promoting pompousness!  All the author is saying is, be confident and present whatever little you know, in a crystal clear manner.

Don't mumble... SPEAK UP..., so you can be heard!

pada vigrahaH:
उच्चैः उच्चरितव्यं यत् किञ्चित् अजानताः अपि पुरुषेण ।
uchchaiH uchcharitavyaM yat ki~nchit ajaanataaH api puruSheNa |

मूर्खाः बहु मन्यन्ते विदुषाम् अपि संशयः भवति ॥
mUrkhaaH bahu manyante viduShaam api saMshayaH bhavati ||


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