March 4th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
गुणग्रामाभिसम्वादि नामापि हि महात्मनाम् ।
यथा सुवर्णश्रीखण्डरत्नाकरसुधाकराः ॥

- प्रसन्नराघव

guNagraamaabhisamvaadi naamaapi hi mahaatmanaam |
yathaa suvarNashrIkhaNDa ratnaakara sudhaakaraaH ||
- prasannaraaghava

Meaning of the subhAShita:
What to say about the virtues and valor of the noble, even their name shows their greatness!  Just like suvarNa (one with an attractive color - gold), shrIkhaNDa (piece of wood filled with the richness of sandal - sandalwood), ratnaakara (one who holds precious gems and stones - ocean), sudhaakara (one who gives beatitude like that of the divine nectar - moon).

The noble are dripping with nobility in every aspect related to them.  They are constantly looking for means and ways to do good to others.  Their nobility oozes out from all sides that even their names are an indication of their virtues!   Even their names give away their characteristics!

Name is the first entity with which one identifies oneself!  Specially in Sanskrit, words are derived to such appropriation that there is no contention to their accordance or congruity.  Each word has a declension and its own special root word which gives self evidence to the word itself.  In olden days, this may quite very well have been the reason to give substantial, meaningful and an appropriate name when a child was born.  The child would grow up to become an embodiment of his name.  The name is given with a hope of its fruitfulness.  That is what he identifies himself with, for the rest of his life!  However, a name without merit, is in vain after all :(.

The purpose of the verse from the poet is not so much for the generalization, but for upholding the fact that the nobility of the noble can be found in ever aspect of their being.  They ceaselessly work for the betterment of those around and selflessly give themselves in their entirety for the welfare of the others.   That certainly is something to ponder about, isn't it?!

pada vigrahaH:
गुण-ग्राम-अभिसम्वादि नाम अपि हि महात्मनाम् ।
guNa-graama-abhisamvaadi naama api hi mahaatmanaam | 

यथा सुवर्ण-श्रीखण्ड-रत्नाकर-सुधाकराः ॥
yathaa suvarNa-shrIkhaNDa-ratnaakara-sudhaakaraaH ||

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