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March 18th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
कुतो वा नूतनं वस्तु वयमुत्प्रेक्षितुं क्षमाः ।
वचोविन्यासवैचित्र्यमात्रमत्र विचार्यताम् ॥

- न्यायमञ्जरी

kuto vaa nUtanaM vastu vayamutprekShituM kShamaaH |
vachovinyaasavaichitryamaatramatra vichaaryataam ||
- nyaayama~njarI

Meaning of the subhAShita:
How can we exaggerate a new fact?  Only, the same can be said in a variety of ways! 

When a discovery is made, can one exaggerate is so much that it changes the facts all together?  Not really.  But then, the same can be presented in a variety of ways.

This rule is not true only of newfound discoveries and inventions alone.  Even when narrating an incident, one cannot deviate too much from reality.  Or, it becomes a fiction!  But then, the same can be presented in many different ways.  Depending on how the approach is, the results are received accordingly!

The best example for presenting rightly, is that of hanumaan.  After his return from lankaa, when He first met raama, He ardently said, 'द्रष्टा सीता' (draShTaa sItaa - saw sItaa), instead of inadvertently saying the word sItaa first.  The logic being, He didn't want to cause any unnecessary anxiety in raama's mind, immediately on hearing the word sItaa.  raama's mind could have thought of many unpleasant happenings to sItaa, before hanumaan could even have a chance of saying that He saw Her.  He was THAT thoughtful!  He first conveyed the main highlight of his quest, which was, the sighting of sItaa!  The same thing could have been narrated with choice uncanny words, unwanted details or an unpleasant demeanor.  But that wasn't the case.  He was SO cautious of raama's feelings even in the split-second timing of his words!  That should be the true thoughts behind one's speech and that is a marvellous way of presenting the facts as well.

The lesson to take - Saying things the way they are isn't the only criteria.  The same can be done in many different ways.  Be mindful and complaisant of others' feelings.  That not only sets amiable communication standards but also paves way for honest and hearty conversations as well as relationships!

pada vigrahaH:
कुतः वा नूतनं वस्तु वयम् उत्प्रेक्षितुं क्षमाः ।
kutaH vaa nUtanaM vastu vayam utprekShituM kShamaaH |

वचोविन्यास-वैचित्र्य-मात्रम् अत्र विचार्यताम् ॥
vachaovinyaasa-vaichitrya-maatram atra vichaaryataam ||


  1. वच इति न पदान्तरम् । अन्वयालाभात् ।

  2. आम्, पदान्तरम् न कृतम्। वाचवृत्तीत्येव भावना।

  3. 1. समस्तं पदञ्चेत् - वचोविन्यासवैचित्र्यमात्रमिति स्यात् । कस्मात् वचो विन्यासवैचित्र्यमात्रमिति । न हि राम इत्येकं पदं रा म इति लिख्यते ।
    2. वाचवृत्तीत्येव - ???