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January 14th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
तिलवत् स्निग्धं मनोऽस्तु वाण्यां गुडवन्माधुर्यम्
तिलगुडलड्‍डुकवत् सम्बन्धेऽस्तु सुवृत्तत्त्वम् ।
अस्तु विचारे शुभसङ्क्रमणं मङ्गलाय यशसे
कल्याणी सङ्क्रान्तिरस्तु वः सदाहमाशंसे ॥

- अज्ञात

tilavat snigdhaM mano.stu vaaNyaaM guDavanmaadhuryam
tilaguDalaDDukavat sambandhe.stu suvRuttattvaM |
astu vichAre shubhasankramaNaM ma~ngalaaya yashase
kalyaaNI sa~nkraantirastu vaH sadaahamaashaMse ||
- aj~naata

Meaning of the subhAShita:
May the mind be affectionate like sesame seeds, may there be sweetness in thy words as in jaggery.
May there be goodness in thy relations as is in the relation of sesame and jaggery in a laddoo.
May there be in thy thoughts a concurrence towards auspicious glory.
I always wish that may the festival of sankraanti prove to be blessed and auspicious for one and all.

The festival of harvest, sankraanti, is celebrated on January 14th generally.  (Occasionally, it falls on the 15th of Jan).  This is one of those festivals that follow the solar axis and hence the date doesn't change much with every year, like with other festivals that follow the lunar calendar.  It is the time when the axis of the Sun enters the zodiac sign Capricorn (makara).  Hence it is also referred to as 'makara sankraanti'.  sankraanti literally means - proceeding well - samyak kraanti iti sankraanti.

A celebration of harvest and crop is unanimous with the Sun, he, being the basic originator of the entire food chain!  Without Him, there would be no energy for the plant sources and without plant sources, there would be no energy transmission to the carnivores either.  The Sun, being the sustenance for the very life on earth, is worshipped and thanked on this day.

Many people throw away old clothes and buy new ones, marking the beginning of good times.  Sharing til-gud (a mixture of sesame seeds and jaggery) is customary among many people who celebrate this festival.  The combination of til-gud is not only tongue tickling, but very enticing as well.  The poet beautifully wishes that kind of enticement into the spoken words and relationships of everyone!  When there is harmony in mind thoughts, actions and words, then there is no stopping, the un-abound happiness one can attain in his very being.  What better can one wish for his near and dear ones!

May the Sun radiate Health, Happiness and Harmony into the lives of one and all- today and always!

pada vigrahaH:
तिलवत् स्निग्धं मनः अस्तु वाण्यां गुडवत् माधुर्यम्
tilavat snigdhaM manaH astu vaaNyaaM guDavat maadhuryam

तिल-गुड-लड्‍डुकवत् सम्बन्धे अस्तु सु-वृत्तत्त्वम् ।
tila-guDa-laDDukavat sambandhe astu su-vRuttattvaM |

अस्तु विचारे शुभ-सङ्क्रमणं मङ्गलाय यशसे
astu vichAre shubha-sa~nkramaNaM ma~ngalaaya yashase

कल्याणी सङ्क्रान्तिः अस्तु वः सद अहम् आशंसे ॥
kalyaaNI sa~nkrAntiH astu vaH sada aham aashaMse ||

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  1. Wonderful,Deep meaning and Most Appropriate for this day.