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February 12th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
दुर्जनेन समं वैरं प्रीतिं चापि न कारयेत् ।
उष्णो दहति चाङ्गारः शीतः कृष्णायते करम् ॥
durjanena samaṃ vairaṃ prītiṃ cāpi na kārayet ।
uṣṇo dahati cāṅgāraḥ śītaḥ kṛṣṇāyate karam ॥

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Do not have (develop) enmity or affection with the evil.  When hot, coal burns; when cold, blackens the hand!

When one comes across an evil-doer, what kind of bond should he build?  Should he make friends with him, so that he doesn't get on the evil-doer's bad books?  Or, should he rub him on the wrong side and erupt an argument, declaring open enmity?!

Poet says..., neither!  He establishes his stance thus - a piece of charcoal, when hot, will burn the hand holding it.  Now, can we say, it is okay when it is not lit up?  Not necessarily.  Because, a piece of charcoal, when cold, will blacken the hand that handles it!!  It is not a pleasant outcome either way. Who wants a lose, lose situation?!

Similar is the companionship of an evildoer.  When he is angry, the enmity with him may prove fatal. That said, even when he is calm, his friendship may cost heavily as his values are not placed in the right direction.  His motives can be driven out of selfishness or just plain wrong!  Hence, the best approach to such a person is - staying away, keeping it neutral.  One needs to beware of one's company at all times, in order to keep Joy, Peace, Love, Hope and all positives in his life.

pada vigrahaH:
दुर्जनेन समं वैरं प्रीतिं च अपि न कारयेत् ।
durjanena samaṃ vairaṃ prītiṃ ca api na kārayet ।

उष्णो दहति च अङ्गारः शीतः कृष्णायते करम् ॥
uṣṇo dahati ca aṅgāraḥ śītaḥ kṛṣṇāyate karam ॥

Alternate Transliteration:
durjanena samaM vairaM prItiM chaapi na kaarayet ।
uShNo dahati chaa~ngaaraH shItaH kRuShNaayate karam ॥

durjanena samaM vairaM prItiM cha api na kaarayet ।
uShNo dahati cha a~ngaaraH shItaH kRuShNaayate karam ॥

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