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January 15th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
अनुगन्तुं सतां धर्म कृत्स्नं यदि न शक्यते ।
स्वल्पमप्यनुगन्तव्यं मार्गस्थो नावसीदति ॥
anugantuṃ satāṃ dharma kṛtsnaṃ yadi na śakyate ।
svalpamapyanugantavyaṃ mārgastho nāvasīdati ॥

Meaning of the subhAShita:
If following the righteous path of the noble is difficult and seems impossible, in spite, if one follows - even a little bit, he does not perish.

No need for elephantine sized steps!  If one wants to tread on the path of the noble and tries to do so, there may be many a hurdle he may face on the way.  It may not only be difficult but even seem impossible!  In spite, if one continues to grasp at least a little bit and persist on the same path, he shall not perish.

It is said that even an ant can traverse miles by just keeping at it.  Just the fact that it is moving, means that it is covering ground and reaching someplace else.  Finally, due to persistence, it would have left its starting point miles behind!  Similar would be a person on the path of dharma.  If he keeps doing righteous acts (however small in size or calibre,) in a lifetime, he would have accumulated so much virtue to his credit that he would be amazed!  How can one with virtue in his account ever perish?!

Great acts are made up of small deeds.  In reality, true happiness comes from the joy of deeds that are done well, with good intentions.  These are the things that shape one's fate.  True winners are not people that never fail but people that never quit.

So, let's take charge of our fate and give it the direction we want it to be in!

pada vigrahaH:
अनुगन्तुं सतां धर्म कृत्स्नं यदि न शक्यते ।
anugantuṃ satāṃ dharma kṛtsnaṃ yadi na śakyate ।

स्वल्पम् अपि अनुगन्तव्यं मार्गस्थो न अवसीदति ॥
svalpam api anugantavyaṃ mārgastho na avasīdati ॥

Alternate Transliteration:
anugantuM sataaM dharma kRutsnaM yadi na shakyate ।
swalpamapyanugantavyaM maargastho naavasIdati ॥

anugantuM sataaM dharma kRutsnaM yadi na shakyate ।
swalpam api anugantavyaM maargastho na avasIdati ॥

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