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March 30th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
सदयं हृदयं यस्य भाषितं सत्यभूषितम् ।
कायं परहितं यस्य कलिस्तस्य करोति किम् ॥
sadayaṃ hṛdayaṃ yasya bhāṣitaṃ satyabhūṣitam ।
kāyaṃ parahitaṃ yasya kalistasya karoti kim ॥

Meaning of the subhAShita:
(He) whose heart is filled with compassion, speech is adorned with truth, whose constitution (form) is for the benefaction of others - what can kali (purusha) do to him?!

The current era, kali yuga, is deemed the most corrupt and atrocious of all 4 eras.  The reigning master of the era, kalipurusha, causes havoc in the world, it is said.  But the poet says, if one's heart is brimming with compassion, speech is adorned with honesty and he is readily available for the welfare of others, to such a human being, what can the kalipursha do?!  Even the most atrocious of the masters can do nothing to shake the resolve or cause havoc in the life of such a person, it says.  The tenacity of these attributes in one's character is so strong, that they can ward off the ill effects of the highest order.
  • If one is compassionate to his fellow beings, the happiness that gives to both, the giver and the receiver, are immense.
  • If there is honesty in one's words, he has nothing to hide or defend.
  • If one is always available for the welfare of others, then there is no ounce of selfish motives in him.  
How can such a person not be happy?  When one is internally happy, what can anyone do to deter his well being or contentment?!!

May we all win over kalipurusha's atrocities, develop these traits and make the world a happier place!

pada vigrahaH:
सदयं हृदयं यस्य भाषितं सत्य-भूषितम् ।
sadayaṃ hṛdayaṃ yasya bhāṣitaṃ satya-bhūṣitam ।

कायं परहितं यस्य कलिः तस्य करोति किम् ॥
kāyaṃ parahitaṃ yasya kaliḥ tasya karoti kim ॥

Alternate Transliteration:
sadayaM hRudayaM yasya bhaaShitaM satyabhUShitam ।
kaayaM parahitaM yasya kalistasya karoti kim ॥

sadayaM hRudayaM yasya bhaaShitaM satya-bhUShitam ।
kaayaM parahitaM yasya kaliH tasya karoti kim ॥

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