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October 31

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
अपूर्वः कोऽपि कोशोऽयं विद्यते तव भारति ।
व्ययतो वृद्धिमायाति क्षयमायाति सञ्चयात् ॥
apUrvaH ko.pi kosho.yaM vidyate tava bhaarati |
vyayato vRuddhimaayaati kShayamaayaati sa~nchayaat ||

Meaning of the subhAShita:
O, devi saraswati (bhaarati),  your repository is like none other!  Upon spending, it grows; upon gathering, it shrinks!!

In the real world, what do we see?  If we spend something, what we retain decreases; upon collecting, what we possess increases.  But in Goddess saraswati's arena, the rules are completely opposite, the author says.

When one expends his knowledge, as in - teaching or sharing with others, his horizons broaden. While teaching, a new outlook may dawn on him, which he never saw before.  His memory gets refreshed every time he shares his knowledge.  It gives him clarity of thought and a better understanding.  His value for what he is teaching intensifies in himself.  It will be reinforced in his mind and his faith in it shall get stronger!  It is a complete win-win situation!!

If one collects shells for example, by keeping it to himself, his collection increases.  On the contrary, keeping knowledge to oneself (or confined in the books), only aids in the dissipation of that knowledge.  One, he is not allowing himself to reflect upon that knowledge.  That knowledge that is not put into practice is of no use anyways.  Over time, he may even forget what he had learnt.  Worse, upon the passing away of that person, that particular knowledge may die with him!  If he did not pass it on to others, he has not paid off the debt of his teachers.  The best way to repay our guru-s and teachers, they say, is by passing on the knowledge that they imparted to us.  If one stagnates that knowledge in himself, he would be curtailing the growth of the coming generations.  If our ancestors did the same to us, every generation would have to start over, all the way from inventing fire from the firestones!!

Knowledge is like water.  It is sparkling and crystal clear when it is flowing.  If it stagnates, it makes a swamp!  Anyone would readily drink water from a running stream rather than a stagnant swamp.  So, why no let knowledge flow like a river, drench in its refreshing waters and quench our inherent thirst for learning!  Being born as humans, each of us has this undying thirst for learning new things.
So, why no satiate our thirst by learning from others, as well as quell the strife in others by sharing what we know?!!

pada vigrahaH:
अपूर्वः कः अपि कोशः अयं विद्यते तव भारति ।
apUrvaH kaH api koshaH ayaM vidyate tava bhaarati |

व्ययतः वृद्धिम् आयाति क्षयम् आयाति सञ्चयात् ॥
vyayataH vRuddhim aayaati kShayam aayaati sa~nchayaat ||



    please read this :-)

  2. It is *वृद्धिर्मायाति* and not बुद्धिर्मायाति as has been explained here..
    It means "it increases on spending"

    1. There are many different versions to any subhaaShita. This is the one I had. I like the one you have referred too and I will change it.
      But there should be no 'repha' in either version - buddhim aayaati (or) vRuddim aayaati. Hope that helps

  3. Thanks for acknowledging..