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December 31st

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
यद्यदालिखति मनोऽऽशावर्तिकाभिर्हृदयफलके ।
तत्तद्बाल इव विधिर्निभृतं हसित्वा प्रोञ्छति ॥
- सप्‍तशति

yadyadālikhati mano''śāvartikābhirhṛdayaphalake ।
tattadbāla iva vidhirnibhṛtaṃ hasitvā proñchati ॥
- sap‍taśati

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Whatever the mind inscribes (paints), with the brushes of desire, on the board of the heart, fate, stealthily, smilingly, wipes it all out, like a little child!

Man proposes, God disposes!

Not all desires of everyone burgeon and culminate in bearing fruit.  One may paint his heart in all hues and shades of his desires, but only destiny has the final say.  The poet beautifully compares destiny to a little child, who stealthily, yet with a smile on his face, does some mischief and leaves the site without a trace :).  Similarly, destiny sneaks up noiselessly, wipes out all efforts and desires without a trace and leaves unperturbed!

What does this say?  That no matter what one longs for, his say is only until he puts forth his efforts.  Whether they yield results or not, is entirely up to his destiny.  Many a time, if an aspiration is not fulfilled, maybe there is a higher reason.  If one gives in to this kind of an attitude, failure to attain the expected outcome won't seem so hard after all.  But he needs to put forth his best of best efforts, no doubt.   And destiny is based on one's own prior vices and virtues.  Each person is the architect of his own fate.

Someone once said, 'Fate is nothing but the deeds committed in a prior state of existence'.  If better results are aspired for the future, make the present better.  So may all proceed with their best foot forward!

pada vigrahaH:
यत् यत् आलिखति मनः आशा-वर्तिकाभिः हृदय-फलके ।
yat yat ālikhati manaḥ āśā-vartikābhiḥ hṛdaya-phalake ।

तत् तत् बाल इव विधिः निभृतं हसित्वा प्रोञ्छति ॥
tat tat bāla iva vidhiḥ nibhṛtaṃ hasitvā proñchati ॥

Alternate Transliteration:
yadyadaalikhati mano..shaavartikaabhirhRudayaphalake ।
tattadbaala iva vidhirnibhRutaM hasitvaa pro~nChati ॥
- saptashati

yat yat aalikhati manaH aashaa-vartikaabhiH hRudaya-phalake ।
tat tat baala iva vidhiH nibhRutaM hasitvaa pro~nChati ॥

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