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November 26th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
सुजनो न याति वैरं परहितनिरतो विनाशकालेऽपि
छेदेऽपि चन्दनतरुः सुरभयति मुखं कुठारस्य

- भर्तृहरि

sujano na yaati vairaM parahitanirato vinaashakaale.pi
Chede.pi chandanataruH surabhayati mukhaM kuThaarasya
- bhartRuhari

Meaning of the subhAShita:
An affable person, (who is) always engrossed in the benefaction of others, shall not resort to hostility, even in times of (his own) downfall.  Upon chopping, the sandal tree only smears its fragrance onto the blade of the axe.

When an axe fells a sandal tree, it does not pick up a sword to fight, nor a shield to protect itself.  It not only gets felled but also graces the blade of the axe that is chopping it, with its wonderful fragrance!  Such is the grace of a benevolent person.  He does not resort to hostility or aggression even in times of his own downfall, so as to say.  Such a person never really falls down in the real sense.  It may look like a downfall in worldly measures, but then, they are the true heroes.  For, on the scale of benevolence and graciousness, they shall always stand up high!  Their honor and repute shall never see a descent.  Isn't that the true measure of eminence!

A person whose amicability factor doesn't change with adversity is the most amicable of all!  Isn't that also an indication that, affability of a person, has more to do with what he gives 'of' himself, rather than what he takes 'for' himself?  Give, with a good heart and intention.  That will be thy savior for a long time to come.

pada vigrahaH:
सुजनः न याति वैरं पर-हित-निरतः विनाश-काले अपि
sujanaH na yaati vairaM para-hita-nirataH vinaasha-kaale api

छेदे अपि चन्दन-तरुः सुरभयति मुखं कुठारस्य
Chede api chandana-taruH surabhayati mukhaM kuThaarasya

1 comment:

  1. I understand. The ax got blessed because it was used to fell a sanctified tree, which gave itself without resistance. If the human condition gave more of itself like this tree, there would be more trees for shade and less human and animal misery.

    Maybe that is why philosophies see in the tree a symbol for humanity. Also, give, and it shall be given back, pressed down, packed together, and dripping with honey.