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May 24th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
आलस्यं हि मनुष्याणां शरीरस्थो महान् रिपुः ।
नास्त्युद्यमसमो बन्धुः कुर्वाणो नावसीदति ॥

ālasyaṃ hi manuṣyāṇāṃ śarīrastho mahān ripuḥ ।
nāstyudyamasamo bandhuḥ kurvāṇo nāvasīdati ॥

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Laziness present in one's body is the biggest enemy of humans.  There is no kin parallel to zeal and he who is zealous never perishes.

If one is weary and indolent in executing his work, then he doesn't have to wait for the results of his task.  He would have sabotaged it all on his own!  To avoid doing it, he will find excuses of all kinds.  The worst hurdle and enemy one could have in his own path is his own laziness!!  Hence, he shall perish under the grip of an enemy who dwells in himself!

On the contrary, a zealous person can conquer anything in this world.  He will work something out and find one way or another, to arrive at a suitable solution to the impending issue at his hand.  When such is the attitude, who or what can hold him back?  No job is too tedious for him.  He faces as well as tackles any circumstance with zeal.  Success and accolades are only a matter of time to such a person.  Hence, the author says zeal is the best kin to oneself!  He who relies on such self-reliant kin, he is bound to excel on any ground.

Hence, it is rightly said that - zeal is a volcano, at the tip of which, the grass of failure can never grow!  So, get working!!

pada vigrahaH:
आलस्यं हि मनुष्याणां शरीरस्थः महान् रिपुः ।
ālasyaṃ hi manuṣyāṇāṃ śarīrasthaḥ mahān ripuḥ ।

न अस्ति उद्यम-समः बन्धुः कुर्वाणः न अवसीदति ॥
na asti udyama-samaḥ bandhuḥ kurvāṇaḥ na avasīdati ॥

Alternate Transliteration:
aalasyaM hi manuShyaaNaaM sharIrastho mahaan ripuH ।
naastyudyamasamo bandhuH kurvaaNo naavasIdati ॥

aalasyaM hi manuShyaaNaaM sharIrasthaH mahaan ripuH ।
na asti udyama-samaH bandhuH kurvaaNaH na avasIdati ॥

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