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April 10th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
अज्ञानादथवा ज्ञानात् उत्तमश्लोकनाम यत् ।
सङ्कीर्तितमघं पुंसः दहेदेधो यथानलः ॥
- भागवत

ajñānādathavā jñānāt uttamaślokanāma yat ।
saṅkīrtitamaghaṃ puṃsaḥ dahededho yathānalaḥ ॥
- bhāgavata

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Whether consciously or unawares, uttering the (Lord's) most elevated name, shall burn the sins of the being, just as fuel (when in contact with) fire.

When there is a pile of wood (fuel), whether one strikes a match at it with the intention of lighting a fire; or an innocent child, unaware of the consequence strikes a match..., the end result would be the same!  The wood would be set ablaze!!  So is taking the name of the Lord.  Whether one intentionally prays to Him or accidentally takes His name, that being is bound to eradicate his baggage of sins.

There are multitudes of examples that show devotion to Him in many forms.  Whether one remembers Him as the Supreme Lord, a friend, a well-wisher, a beloved, a parent or ... even as an enemy..., just by remembering the Lord, the sins of that being are burnt to ashes, just as fire would do to firewood!

In such a case, what if one is intentionally and intently remembering Him!!  There is no telling, what amount of bliss he would be attaining!  That surely would surpass all else in this world!

Now, it is entirely up to us whether we - let the Lord keep us from sin, or, let sin, keep us from the Lord!

On this auspicious occasion of 'vijaya naama samvatsara ugaadi', may He make one and all vijayI (victorious) in choosing Him now and always!!

pada vigrahaH:
अज्ञानात् अथवा ज्ञानात् उत्तम-श्लोक-नाम यत् ।
ajñānāt athavā jñānāt uttama-śloka-nāma yat ।

सङ्कीर्तितम् अघं पुंसः दहेत् एधः यथा अनलः ॥
saṅkīrtitam aghaṃ puṃsaḥ dahet edhaḥ yathā analaḥ ॥

Alternate Transliteration:
aj~naanaadathavaa j~naanaat uttamashlokanaama yat ।
sa~nkIrtitamaghaM puMsaH dahededho yathaanalaH ॥
- bhaagavata

aj~naanaat athavaa j~naanaat uttama-shloka-naama yat ।
sa~nkIrtitam aghaM puMsaH dahet edhaH yathaa analaH ॥

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