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July 6th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
पितृभिस्ताडितः पुत्रः शिष्यस्तु गुरुशिक्षितः ।
घनाहतं सुवर्णञ्च प्राप्यते जनमण्डनम् ॥

pitRubhistaaDitaH putraH shiShyastu gurushikShitaH |
ghanaahataM suvarNa~ncha praapyate janamaNDanam ||

Meaning of the subhAShita:
A son (child) disciplined by his parents, students trained by a teacher, intensely clobbered gold - all these attain praiseworthiness.   

Children are, by nature, curious.  They are curious not just about the world around them, but also about the boundaries of what they should do or shouldn't do!  Their inquisitive minds want to see how far they can go.  Many a times, despite knowing the dos and don'ts, they may still want to try their luck.  Then it becomes essential for the parents, teachers or whoever is their guiding figure, to give them a proper direction.  If the guides cushion the follies of the children in an effort to not make them sad, they would be doing a disservice to them!

Like they say, 'Do not prepare the road for your children, prepare the children for the road'!  When real life issues strike, those are the children who are better prepared and recover soon if there is a fall.

In reality, both the parents and the teachers strive to imbibe excellence in the children.  The sayings go as - पुत्रादिच्छेत् पराजयम् (putraadichChet paraajayam) and शिष्यादिच्छेत् पराजयम् (shiShyaadichChet paraajayam), meaning, parents are desirous of defeat from their children and guru-s yearn for defeat from their students!  In fact, the whole reason why they put so much effort into guiding the youngsters is, to see them surpass themselves even!

The example given in the verse is that of gold.  Gold, mined from the mines, is dull and lustreless.  The goldsmith melts it, beats it repeatedly on the anvil and shapes it.  Only then does it gain its lustre as well as value!  Similarly, children who are disciplined and shaped with values from a young age accrue praiseworthy traits that shall make them happier adults in the future.  Hence, it is of paramount importance for parents as well as teachers, to equip their children and students with this one quintessential skill.

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments. Be that fundamental bridge for the future generation's accomplishments!

pada vigrahaH:
पितृभिः ताडितः पुत्रः शिष्यः तु गुरु-शिक्षितः ।
pitRubhiH taaDitaH putraH shiShyaH tu guru-shikShitaH |

घन आहतं सुवर्णं च प्राप्यते जन-मण्डनम् ॥
ghana aahataM suvarNaM cha praapyate jana-maNDanam ||

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