September 8th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
क्षन्तव्यो मन्दबुद्धीनामपराधो मनीषिणा
न हि सर्वत्र पाण्डित्यं सुलभं पुरुषे क्वचित्

kShantavyo mandabuddhInaamaparaadho manIShiNaa
na hi sarvatra paaNDityaM sulabhaM puruShe kvachit

Meaning of the subhAShita:
The follies of the dull witted should be forgiven. For, erudition doesn't come easy to people everywhere.

Erudition and eloquence are God given gifts. It does not come easily to all. Those that are blessed with that gift, have no reason to be proud of it. They did not have much of a say in being intelligent, it was given to them! At the same time, the intelligent need to be tolerant to the follies of the less intelligent. They deserve forgiveness for, fastidiousness in not their best trait!

A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer. There is learning everywhere alright! Even if a question seems foolish, be tolerant! Pray the Lord to give him the understanding and maturity. At the same time, thank God for the wisdom you have been blessed with.

pada vigrahaH:
क्षन्तव्यः मन्द-बुद्धीनाम् अपराधः मनीषिणा
kShantavyaH manda-buddhInaam aparaadhaH manIShiNaa

न हि सर्वत्र पाण्डित्यं सुलभं पुरुषे क्वचित्
na hi sarvatra paaNDityaM sulabhaM puruShe kvachit


  1. Use poorNavirAma. It will look good.

  2. Done. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. One more.

    गच्छतः स्खलनं क्वापि भवत्येव प्रमादतः।
    हसन्ति दुर्जनास्तत्र समादधति सज्जनाः॥

    "न हि सर्वः सर्वं जानाति।" विशाखदत्तः।

  4. Thanks for the good and comprehensive collection of सुभाषित-s.